August 7, 2019 – Time Management Kris Ward, CLS John Matheson and Silver Savior Gordon Pedersen

August 7, 2019 – Time Management Kris Ward, CLS John Matheson and Silver Savior Gordon Pedersen

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Kris Ward – Director of Shadowblast, Author of Time Management for Small Business: A 4-Week Productivity Plan to Go from Overwhelmed to Highly Efficient and Reclaim Your Life (Win the Hour, Win the Day Book 1)

30% of small business owners have a strategy and plan in place.
The rest think they can outrun the clock.

Kris Ward is the director of Shadowblast, a digital marketing and branding company that focuses on helping small businesses master the inexpensive but highly efficient realm of online marketing. She is also the author of ‘Win the Hour, Win the Day!: Time Management for Small Business,’ a book that helps small business owners stop working long hours on every day of the week. Her easy to implement tips and insights will help you work more effectively and efficiently, even if other time management methods have failed you. Her book teaches you how to make more money and accomplish more things in less time than you’re working now, allowing you to gain the freedom and downtime we all need.

John Matheson – CEO of Commercial Loan Success, Managing Member of J. Healy Development, LLC

If you have been in business a year or so, and you have demonstrated
a core competency to run your company, you can build a bank
relationship pretty quickly. The concern is what do we do before that?

John Matheson is a Co-Founder and CEO of Commercial Loan Success, a company that offers software to help small business owners investigate banks and lenders before speaking to a single representative, allowing borrowers to discover the most business friendly lenders. He is also a Managing Member at J. Healy Development, LLC, a sustainable property and community development company, where he helps his company transform buildings of all types into self-sustaining, more environmentally friendly, and more valuable properties. John’s experience in developing real estate and growing small businesses fostered a strong interest in finance; the knowledge he shares about the lending industry will help small business owners everywhere.

Dr. Gordon Pedersen – Medical Director of the Silver Health Institute

I am worried about healing children and I know that because (using
silver medicinally) is so inexpensive, because it is so complete in its
cure of malaria, that the pharmaceutical world is not all that pleased.

Dr. Gordon Pedersen has Ph.Ds in Naturopathic Medicine, Toxicology, Immunology and Biology. He’s Board Certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, and has a Masters degree in Cardiac Rehabilitation and Wellness. He is a leading expert in the use of silver as medicine, having personally formulated over 150 healing products. Gordon is a sought-after expert speaker on the properties of silver. He’s worked with several government agencies nationally and internationally, and has offered his time and funding to assist volunteers combating malaria in Africa with his products.