November 1, 2017 – Amazon Prime Star Bradley Laborman, Temp CFO Harvey Bezozi and Yes You Can! Virginia Phillips

November 1, 2017 – Amazon Prime Star Bradley Laborman, Temp CFO Harvey Bezozi and Yes You Can! Virginia Phillips

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Bradley Laborman – Owner/Operator of Bradman Media Unlimited

As a young child, Bradley Laborman suffered from a speech impediment that caused concern in his small town elementary school. After some pressure from his mother, the school agreed to have a speech pathologist work with him. Bradley would have to demonstrate his progress by speaking in front of his classmates and teachers. Within a year or two, he finished the speech program and gained a love for performance in front of large groups. In 1998, he created Bradman: The Movie as a senior project at Buena Vista University. It was the first time a student at the school had created a full length feature film as a project. The movie has been distributed numerous times on YouTube and online, but has copyright issues, causing it to be removed from online distribution. In 2001, Bradley started hosting a radio show, a four hour unscripted show. The show grew via a new website called YouTube. In 2008, Bradley created his web-streaming platform named BradmanTV. Bradley began working on iDUMP4U, a website where people could break up with their boyfriends or girlfriends! via Laborman. Shortly after it’s creation, the web series was picked up by TruTV. Recently, Bradley rebooted Tonight with Bradman and began work on two other web series as well and a sequel to the college movie Bradman The Movie.

Harvey Bezozi – The CFO Guru & Tax Wizard

Harvey I. Bezozi started his career in Washington, DC working for Coopers & Lybrand (now PriceWaterhouse Coopers) and Peat Marwick (now KPMG), two of the largest and most prestigious accounting firms. While at Coopers, he worked in the financial auditing department on clients including Georgetown University, National Public Radio, and CBS Television. Harvey also worked on the complex breakup of AT&T and he received high recognition for his work, especially in the area of assisting senior financial executives develop better efficiency in their departmental accounting procedures and budgeting. He then joined the tax department of Peat Marwick, working on the tax returns of many prominent political figures including a former U.S. Secretary of State, Secretary of Commerce, Presidential candidate, and Senator. He joined forces with a retired veteran IRS agent and devoted his time to learning how to help those with federal and/or state tax problems. Since then, he has become one of the best in the country at resolving client tax problems. Harvey considers the work he does an “art” not a “science.” He has the many years of experience, and accordingly, the judgment required to solve the most complex types of cases that he is used to handling. More recently, he became very involved in using his financial acumen both as a CFO Guru and Tax Wizard. Clients now continually hire him as their Concierge CPA, Outside CFO or Chief Business Strategist and Deal Structurer.
Harvey BezoziHarvey Bezozi

Virginia Phillips – Author, Speaker, Coach at The Academy of Entrepreneurial Excellence, LLC

Virginia Phillips an award-winning coach who guides individuals to develop better personal leadership skills, increase their confidence, and create opportunities for success. Her five-step approach creates transformational action and her coaching has a track record of phenomenal results. She is the founder of The Academy of Entrepreneurial Excellence, a communication and leadership expert, an inspiring speaker, and the author of Yes You Can! Virginia is a VIPCircle of Excellence Winner, A Woman Who Soars Nominee, a Who’s Who Women of Excellence, VIP Woman of the Year Circle Winner, a Best of the Springs – People Making a Difference Nominee, and a L’OREAL Paris Women of Worth 2017 Nominee.
Virginia PhillipsVirginia Phillips

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