October 30, 2017 – Phone Tester Aviv Tene, Doppler App Craig Cole and Kardashian Bio Jerry Oppenheimer

October 30, 2017 – Phone Tester Aviv Tene, Doppler App Craig Cole and Kardashian Bio Jerry Oppenheimer

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Aviv Tene – COO and Co-Founder at TestM

Aviv Tene is the co-founder of TestM, a cool, new smartphone diagnostics solution. Want to buy an used phone, and want to know if the phone is still in good condition?  This app is for you. It will test the phone and let you know! Aviv is a broadly experienced leader with a background in law and international operations. Along with leading TestM, Aviv concurrently serves as principal at Alpha Shark, a consulting firm that represents U.S. and international clients on a broad range of business issues. Previously, he held roles at TAL Global, a global security consulting and risk management firm and Qylur Security Systems, a homeland security company. Aviv is fluent in Hebrew and has military intelligence experience in the Middle East. TestM examines six key areas of a phone’s functionality, including the screen, sound, connectivity, motion, hardware and camera.
Aviv TeneAviv Tene

Craig Cole – Founder of Doppler Social App

Craig Cole, creator of Doppler Social app, says it allows users to let “the magic of the moment happen.” The app shows people where they can go to explore popular local venues and meet other users with similar interests. So instead of judging a potential date by selfies, you build a relationship on what brings you together. Doppler Social App’s mission is to help users cultivate online relationships that foster real connections. With its interactive heat map, the app encourages users to connect offline through shared interests and popular events, reducing digital burnout and increasing real-life fun.
Craig Cole

Jerry Oppenheimer – Author of The Kardashians: An American Drama

Jerry Oppenheimer is the New York Times bestselling author of many unauthorized biographies. He has written about the Johnson & Johnson Dynasty, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Anna Wintour, Barbara Walters, Rock Hudson, Jerry Seinfeld, Martha Stewart, Ethel Kennedy, and the Hilton family. He has also worked as a journalist, including as an investigative reporter and a producer of television documentaries and news programs.  Today, we speak to him about the Kardashian family, and in particular, how entrepreneurial they are.

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