September 17, 2019 – ChiliPad Tara Youngblood, Taser CEO Rick Smith and High Performance Teams Omar L. Harris

September 17, 2019 – ChiliPad Tara Youngblood, Taser CEO Rick Smith and High Performance Teams Omar L. Harris

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Tara Youngblood – Co-founder of ChiliPAD

The temperature war between spouses is not something to laugh at.
There is a trend to put multiple master suites in houses
because couples don’t sleep in the same room!

Tara Youngblood has spent more than 10,000 hours studying the science of sleep. Applying her analytical skills from her physics and engineering background, her passion currently is to shape the future of sleep-driven health by making sleep easy and drug-free. She works with leading international researchers to further studies on cold therapy and its impact on sleep, and her research has led to over a dozen patent filings. She and her husband and business partner, Todd Youngblood, have made multiple successful exits from ventures founded over the past 20 years. Tara has marketing and product development experience stretching across many market segments and distribution models.

Rick Smith – CEO & Founder of the Taser/Axon and Author of The End of Killing: How Our Newest Technologies Can Solve Humanity’s Oldest Problem

We need our police to be technologically proficient
so that they are able to monitor for the types of threats we have.

Rick Smith founded Axon Enterprise (formerly TASER International) in 1993. As the TASER device became ubiquitous in law enforcement, Smith pushed the company beyond weapons technology and toward a broader purpose of using hardware, software, and artificial intelligence to make the world a safer place. Under his leadership, the company–now called Axon Enterprise–has grown from a garage in Tucson to a NASDAQ-listed global market leader in conducted electric weapons, body-worn cameras, and software. Smith graduated from Harvard with a BA in biology and later earned a master’s in international finance from the University of Leuven in Belgium and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Omar L. Harris – General Manager of Allergan PLC and Author of Leader Board: The DNA of High Performance Teams (Leader Board Series)

In interviews, look a behavioral attributes like
work ethic, heart, optimism, and maturity.

Omar L. Harris has been creating high-performance organizations since 2006. While working in corporate, start-up, and entrepreneurial endeavors on four continents he developed 20 Team Performance Acceleration Principles that any leader at any stage of their journey can adopt to improve and accelerate group success. He is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach; a bestselling, award-winning fiction author; independent publishing guru; entrepreneur; and twenty-year veteran of the global pharmaceutical industry. His published works are: One Blood, From Authors to Entrepreneurs F.A.T.E., and Leader Board: The DNA of High Performance Teams. He currently resides in Sao Paulo, Brazil, working as General Manager of Allergan PLC. In addition to his demanding day job, he is hard at work on a sequel to Leader Board.