October 18, 2023 – Structure of Success Patrick Esposito and Work Your Magic Sharon Darmody

October 18, 2023 – Structure of Success Patrick Esposito and Work Your Magic Sharon Darmody

Patrick Espositoof  and Author of The Structure of Success: A Framework to Help Build Your Business Better 

It all starts with assessing the problems. What are the problems and what
are the opportunities facing the business. We look further at how each of
these problems and opportunities potentially impact success, or how
could it lead us to failure.

Patrick Esposito

Patrick Esposito is an entrepreneur, attorney, advisor, and board member who has helped to found, lead, and advise small and medium-sized businesses in technology, consulting, retail, banking, real estate, and other sectors, as well as U.S. government organizations. Currently, Patrick serves as president of ACME General Corp., a leading public sector advisory business and also serves as counsel with Spilman Thomas & Battle law firm. He recently launched Initiative Labs LLC to help leaders apply the approaches and tools in this book.

Sharon Darmody  – Clinical Director of Strive Occupational Rehabilitation and Author of Work Your Magic: Create a Better Business Community That Works for Everyone

Work your Magic is based on the premise that instead of letting people
fall over and then picking them up, we want to keep them well from the
beginning. We want to go upstream and make sure they don’t fall in the river.

Sharon Darmody

Sharon Darmody is a workplace organizational coach and consultant. Her new book, Work Your Magic, is an indispensable roadmap for creating a new work order that actually works. Sharon is an organizational coach and mediator for 25 plus years, and the founding director of Strive Occupational Rehabilitation, launched in 2004 which works to help people to be more engaged at work so that they can thrive both at work and at home. She knows that work is not working. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted corporate life as we know it—and became a tipping point for a change that’s long overdue. Within the book, she has created an interactive, easy-to-follow guide, which will provide readers a clear pathway to diagnosing the specific issues at play in their workplace, and actionable items to make the changes they need to make work, work again. M.A.G.I.C is the acronym for what Sharon believes are the core drivers of people being engaged and thriving at work: Meaning, Authenticity, Ground Rules, “I”, and Curiosity.