May 1, 2020 – Staircase Digital Mike Paley and BabelBark Roy Stein

May 1, 2020 – Staircase Digital Mike Paley and BabelBark Roy Stein

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Mike Paley – Co-Founder of Staircase Digital and Wheelhouse Digital Studio

Where a lot of startups get lost on Facebook is that the interface itself makes it easy for you to tell Facebook who your audience is. That’s not where Facebook has an advantage. Facebook’s advantage is putting a problem out there and letting the market react to it.

Mike Paley is the Co-Founder of Wheelhouse Digital Studios and its sister company, Staircase Digital, which is a Growth Advisory focused exclusively on user acquisition through social media. Mike’s had 20+ years experience scaling startup teams and software design shops. He is a startup veteran with successful track record taking companies from $0 and 0 users to rapid scale and revenue growth. He was employee #5 at children’s tablet start-up, Fuhu, where he was responsible for new partner acquisition and retention, monetization and partnership strategy. Mike was also an employee at Honey as VP of Operations, launching and managing all initial revenue channels and growth.

Roy Stein – Founder and CEO of BabelBark

Don’t be in love with the product or the company. Love the company and the product, but don’t be in love with the product. Understand where the flaws are and correct them, versus being in love where everything looks rosey and peachy. 

Roy Stein, Founder and CEO of BabelBark, is a serial entrepreneur and former executive in companies ranging in size, from public corporations with thousands of employees to idea & seed-stage startups. With a proven track record in building businesses and turning a problem or company around, his strong skills as a communicator and team builder have enabled him to successfully lead both mature corporations and new ventures. Prior to BabelBark, Roy held executive leadership roles and led business units in EnergyPoints, GridPoint, Comverse Technologies, and Comverse Billing Systems. Roy founded BabelBark along with his partner, Bill Rebozo, to solve a need they had themselves as pet parents to take care of their dogs. The app was first conceived for their own private use and has grown from that to the size and market adoption it has today.