August 30, 2017 – Social Sales David Kraus, Millennial HR Guru Tonia Morris & Powernow Kirsten Bloomquist

August 30, 2017 – Social Sales David Kraus, Millennial HR Guru Tonia Morris & Powernow Kirsten Bloomquist

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David Kraus – Managing Member of KG Venture Partners, LLC

David Kraus is a well-known social media marketing guru serving professionals and businesses, and has been on the show before. David helps small and medium sized businesses put systems in place to build active social media audiences that can grow more sales. David generates a mix of automated and manual social media strategies building substantial content in your social media channels. This generates organic loyal followers and pre-sold customers. David does this without hype, but focuses on the results you can achieve instead. He has a sales and marketing background of over 30 years and now applies that experience to platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn. his goal is to not simply find out which buttons to press, but how to integrate proven strategies to help build your audience and sales.
David Kraus

Tonia Morris – Speaker, Generational Connector and Millennial Trainer

Tonia Morris is an experience Human Resource professional with over twenty years in various industries such as Government, Education, Financial Service, and Retail. Tonia spent most of her years in starting up HR departments or working with C-level Executives in developing cultural strategies that embrace Multi Generations in the workplace. She started Simply HR, LLC and Tonia Morris Speak to address the needs of today’s workers. Simply HR is designed to develop HR Best Practices for small to large size organizations in need of Cultural Transformation. Tonia Morris Speak is her speaking and training division that addresses the development of people within the workplace. Her goal is to bridge the multi-generation nature of staff. She is known as the “Generational Connector.”

Tonia MorrisTonia Morris

Kirsten Bloomquist – Motivational Speaker, Hypnotherapist and Author of “Powernow: How to Step into Your Most Powerful Mind Instantly”

Kirsten Bloomquist is a licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist, speaker and author. She saw the power of the mind when she helped a friend tap into their inner power, resulting in the disappearance of a tumor. Her work has been noted by various healthcare professionals, including oncologists. Kirsten has since helped people overcome other challenges such as fibromyalgia, chronic pain, OCD and much more. Today, Kirsten works to provide the masses with outstanding evidence demonstrating the incredible power of the subconscious mind. In her new book Powernow™, Kirsten shares her most compelling secrets showing how she teaches people to become the empowered person they’ve always wanted to be.

Kirsten BloomquistKirsten Bloomquist

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