June 5, 2015 – Flooring SuperSeller Shane Lyle & Clean Hands Save Lives Chris Hermann

June 5, 2015 – Flooring SuperSeller Shane Lyle & Clean Hands Save Lives Chris Hermann

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Shane Lyle – Co-Founder and President of Strathmore Flooring and Cabinets 

Shane Lyle is the co-founder and President of Strathmore Floors, a full service flooring and cabinet supplier serving Atlanta, North and Southwest Georgia, Nashville, and North and South Carolina. They offer products in every flooring category, cabinets, counter-tops, carpet cleaning and design services. Strathmore has locations in Alpharetta, Atlanta, Charlotte and Nashville. Strathmore also owns Kirkland’s in Nashville, Tennessee – a company with a thirty year history that is a full service flooring and cabinet design center. Strathmore has won several awards such as 2011 Ashton Woods Homes Trade Partner Award, 2011 Ashton Woods Homes Service Excellence Award, 2009 Ashton Woods Homes Service Excellence Award, Trade Partner of the Year Awards. Ashton Woods Homes was the #1 Rated J.D. Power Home Builder in Atlanta and Strathmore was recognized as their top Trade partner several years.
Shane LyleShane Lyle

 Dr. Chris Hermann – Founder and CEO of Clean Hands, Safe Hands

Dr. Chris Hermann is the founder and CEO of a new and innovative company, Clean Hands Safe Hands. Clean Hands Safe Hands is a wireless hand hygiene monitoring system for hospitals. Clean Hands Safe Hands’ device improves and monitors hand sanitizer compliance among healthcare providers with an audio recording reminder and compliance-tracking feature. It provides a low cost and highly customizable solution to the hand hygiene compliance problem that otherwise might result in infections and the spread of disease. Clean Hands Safe Hands has the potential to reduce the costs associated with both treating hospital acquired infections (HAI) and compliance monitoring required for accreditation bodies. Dr. Chris Hermann holds a BS in Biomedical Engineering, MS in Mechanical Engineering and PhD in Bioengineering all from Georgia Tech. He has also close to completing his MD from Emory University.
Dr. Chris HermannDr. Chris HermannDr. Chris Hermann

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