September 23, 2013 – DIY Ivana Taylor, Exposer Richard Finger & Giving Kai Buehler

September 23, 2013 – DIY Ivana Taylor, Exposer Richard Finger & Giving Kai Buehler

Broadcast September 23, 2013 on Liberty Express Radio

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Ivana Taylor  – Marketing Expert at

Ivana is best known as the DIY Marketing Guru. She finds a way to match the perfect marketing strategies for a given company or group of executives. She has made quite a splash with her advice featured on the AmEx Open forum! Ivana has a simple process to help us small shops. Take her personality test and a personalized, curated list of  your optimal marketing strategies will be sent to you via email! Join us on this episode of School for Startups Radio as we go over some of the most popular SMB marketing strategies with one of the most qualified experts on the subject.


Kai Buehler – Founder and CEO at Causora

Kai Buehler is CEO and Co-Founder of Causora, a network of socially conscious businesses that rewards social change makers. Get paid to give. Dollar for dollar! Amazing! Kai has successfully started, managed and sold a number of businesses in the mobile application and interactive TV space. In 2011, Kai sold Watchpoints, the first app that rewarded viewers for watching television, to Viggle (VGGL). Before joining Viggle, Kai was the CEO of Mobile Messaging Solutions (mms), a leading iTV and mobile engagement provider that divested out of VeriSign in 2009 (VRSN). He was also the CEO of Mindmatics USA, which he merged with mms Inc. In 2000, he co-founded plan_b media and successfully grew the company to a leader in the production and distribution of mobile entertainment content with offices in Cologne (Germany), New York, London and Vienna. The company was acquired by Mindmatics, a T-Mobile Venture, in 2005.

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Richard Finger- Forbes Columnist and Investment Adviser

Richard is a full-time equity options trader in Houston Texas, with a focus on naked put selling and spread trading! Whatever that means! He is also a contributor to, and frequent visitor to the show. His Forbes pieces are slanted to expose and correct the corruptions existing in the world’s financial markets. One of the biggest stories in the last month was Apple’s unveiling of the iPhone 5S and 5c. As with most Apple releases, there is alot to talk about. Will Tim Cook be able to shake many peoples’ less-than-enthused perception of him as Steve Job’s successor? And if so, what will be his saving grace? Could it be the 5th generation iPhones? Or will it be iWatch or the new iTunes music streaming service, iTunes Radio? There is no doubt that Cook’s next moves are crucial as competition is mounting everyday in the industry with the rise of Samsung and Microsoft’s recent  acquisition of Nokia. Today, we have Richard on to discuss these matters along with the industry’s great need for innovation! Don’t miss this one!


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