September 24, 2013 – EntreMarried Krista Michalowicz & Slawsa?! Julie Busha

September 24, 2013 – EntreMarried Krista Michalowicz & Slawsa?! Julie Busha

Broadcast September 24, 2013 on Liberty Express Radio

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Krista Michalowicz 

Krista is spouse of past guest and uber-famous entrepreneurship writer Michael Michalowicz. While interviewing Mike a week or so ago, we stumbled upon Krista’s recent work and speeches on the entrepreneurial marriage. She is with us today, not only to dish the dirt on Mike, but to talk about the impacts of being married to an entrepreneur. I am fascinated by this subject as I see so many different ways entrepreneurs and their spouses deal with the stresses and joys!


Julie Busha, Founder and CEO of Slawsa

Julie is doing the impossible, creating a whole new food category. And so far, she seems to be doing great.  4200 grocery stores, including Wal-mart, carry her product! Julie introduced Slawsa, the condiment that may just change your life, in late 2011. Just a year and a half later, Slawsa can now be found nationwide and is still growing. Julie owns and manages every facet of the business. Slawsa is a cross between a slaw and salsa and is great atop anything grilled, or even as a dip for tortilla chips. Cool and crisp, Slawsa is addictive. What a great startup story!

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