September 20, 2013 – Ta Be So Easy Joe Herrera & You Must Publish Bob Regnerus

September 20, 2013 – Ta Be So Easy Joe Herrera & You Must Publish Bob Regnerus

Broadcast September 20, 2013 on Liberty Express Radio

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Joe Herrera – CEO and Founder of

Joe and his team have come up with a great idea. And it was born by trying to solve a problem, the essence of successful entrepreneurship. Joe lamented there were events in his own town he did not know about. And, how do you easily see what bands are playing at your next vacation destination? Joe created Tabeso (as in “ta be so” cool, “ta be so” easy) to help. It allows users to search for things happening around you. You can follow your favorite venues or organizations to see what’s coming up. And you can see what your friends are doing. Great stuff. The app is in beta so check it out now!

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Bob Regnerus- Book Producer and Coach

Bob, believes as do I, that everyone should write a book, and his business makes it easy! Bob is helping business leaders gain exposure through his extensive media network and writing a book. Bob’s goal is to maximize your market visibility and sphere of influence by assisting you on every strategic level, from partnerships and affiliation programs to the brand message itself. He is a 360 degree solution for your book needs. He can help business people to help find writers to take their message and write the book for you.


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