September 19, 2013 – Sherpa Majid Abai & Sustainably Eric Lowitt

September 19, 2013 – Sherpa Majid Abai & Sustainably Eric Lowitt

Will Broadcast September 19, 2013 on Liberty Express Radio

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Majid Abai- Chief Sherpa at the Abai Group

Majid has a 30-year track record of building, transforming, and leading organizations. He is focused on innovation, strategy, and execution in tech companies and IT departments. His views on Big Data are invaluable for you small businesses. Majid’s experience with cutting edge technologies, sustained and rapid growth, fund raising, operational efficiency, and M&A have delivered measurable results to him and his client companies. Majid  is a prominent leader of a company devoted to sparking and managing the rapid growth of both small businesses and IT departments alike. They combine IT expertise with acumen in business management to oversee the growth, restructuring, and optimization of any information technology entity. We have him on to get his thoughts on the most common IT problems that rapidly growing startups face and some of the best practices for managing expansion. If your company is heavily grounded in technology, miss this interview at your own risk!

Eric Lowitt, Strategy, Sustainability, Collaboration Expert, Author of The Future of Value and The Collaboration Economy

Eric is an advisor to the world’s most discerning CEOs and executive leaders of NGOs on issues of competitive strategy, sustainable development, and collaboration. He serves as a brainstormers, as partnership brokers among rivals and nontraditional bedfellows. He will even train your employees, your suppliers, and your sales forces in order to discover new ways to grow. As a speaker, his goal is to inspire organizations to collaborate with other organizations to address our largest global challenges. Eric provides keynote talks and targeted workshops to enable audiences to sharpen their organizations’ missions, competitive strategies, and financial performance. In 2012, he formed Nexus Global Advisors, an advisory firm that works alongside the most prominent CEOs, Board Directors, and senior executives to help spark global growth that solves our most vexing global challenges. As part of Eric’s work, in 2011 Wiley published his first book, The Future of Value, which focused on raising sustainability to the level of competitive strategy. In 2013, Wiley published his second book The Collaboration Economy, which presents a new economic model predicated on collaboration dedicated to kick start growth.

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