January 4, 2016 – Publicity Guru Michael Belfiore & Kitchen Guru Scott Monday

January 4, 2016 – Publicity Guru Michael Belfiore & Kitchen Guru Scott Monday

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Michael Belfiore – Publicity for Startups Guru and Contributing Writer at Popular Mechanics, Bloomberg Businessweek & Smithsonian 

Michael Belfiore is an author and journalist reporting on the innovations shaping our world. He has written about game-changing technologies for the New York Times, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Smithsonian, Air & Space, Financial Times, Foreign Policy, and many other outlets. He is an International Aerospace Journalist of the Year Award finalist and a recipient of the Space Frontier Foundation’s NewSpace Award for outstanding journalism. In addition to his reporting in print, Michael has appeared as a commentator on the Fox Business Network, Bloomberg Radio and on CNN, CTV’s Canada AM, NPR’s Marketplace and Morning Edition, Showtime’s Penn & Teller: BS!, and C-SPAN. Michael’s Rocketeers: How a Visionary Band of Business Leaders, Engineers, and Pilots Is Boldly Privatizing Space is the first book to chronicle the birth of the commercial space age and show how innovative companies are radically changing how we reach space and creating potentially vast new markets in the process. But, Michael is with us today to introduce us to his new online learning center devoted to helping entrepreneurs get free PR and publicity, a greatly needed resource.
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Scott Monday – Co-founder/CEO at CRATE Franchise Systems and Entrepreneurship Blogger

Scott Monday is Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of CRATE Franchise Systems — the franchisor of kitchenCRATE and bathCRATE. He is the authoritative voice in the home improvement business and an expert in lead generation. Scott Monday is experienced in residential and commercial development, including project management, land acquisition, restoration and residential and commercial renovation, as well as finding and developing potential customers. He is a partner in the residential construction company Trinity Renovation, Inc. — under which kitchenCRATE & bathCRATE of the Central Valley operates — and for-profit affordable housing development partnership Trinity Ventures RE, LLC. Scott and co-founder Jared Oller established the CRATE concepts based on mutual interests and their long-term working relationship. CRATE’s franchising model provides solutions for challenges that all home improvement businesses know well: lead generation and maximizing profit-per-workday. CRATE supports franchise owners with these activities so they can focus primarily on satisfying customers and maximizing profit.
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