December 22, 2015 – iFranchise Group Mark Siebert & Bliss List J.P. Hansen

December 22, 2015 – iFranchise Group Mark Siebert & Bliss List J.P. Hansen

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Mark Siebert – CEO and Founder of iFranchise Group

Mark Siebert is the nation’s premier franchise consultant. His firm provides overall assessments of franchise feasibility. His team of 27 franchise consultants, with 500 years of experience, have provided franchise consulting services to 98 of the top 200 franchise companies listed in the Franchise Times magazine and regularly help businesses understand how to franchise more effectively. They have run 22 “brand name” franchisors as either CEO, COO, President, EVP or SVP of Franchising. The iFranchise Group is a franchise development and consulting firm that provides a variety of services to start-up franchisors, established franchisors, and companies exploring the feasibility of franchising or other alternate channels of distribution. Mark has worked with 1-800-FLOWERS, Ace Hardware, Anheuser Bush, Applebee’s, Athlete’s Foot, Benihana, Berlitz, Bikram, Blockbuster, Bridgestone/Firestone, BP, and that is just the A’s and B’s!
Mark SiebertMark SiebertMark Siebert

J.P. Hansen  – BlissList Founder and President at J.P. Hansen Life Coaching Services and CEO of Hansen Executive Search 

J.P.Hansen ascended corporate ladders at blue-chip companies like Nestle, Bristol-Myers Squibb, SC Johnson Wax, and ConAgra. But in 1994, he deiced to follow his passion and founded Hansen Executive Search, Inc., and is currently its President. Though the corporation has billed millions of dollars, he is most proud of the fact that he has helped thousands of people find bliss in their dream jobs. In his book “Find Your Bliss” (a bestselling and award-winning book), J.P. draws from his successful life-coaching business to provide insight that empowers you to recognize your limitations, then break free of them. “Find Your Bliss” will help you identify barriers to happiness, then provide proven techniques to recognize and overcome resistance. In addition to real-life examples, the book introduces the author’s Six Spokes of Bliss and Ten Steps to Break Free. The book was even excerpted in Reader’s Digest in June 2013!
J.P. HansenJ.P. Hansen

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