May 22, 2023 – Media Trainer Susan Harrow and Family Wealth over Generations Steve Braverman

May 22, 2023 – Media Trainer Susan Harrow and Family Wealth over Generations Steve Braverman

Susan Harrow – CEO of Harrow Communications Inc.

When developing your corporate message, get the rough ideas down, pop
it into ChatGPT and see what other ideas come out. I put in the prompt,
‘make it more charismatic.’

Susan Harrow

Susan Harrow – CEO of Harrow Communications Inc. Susan Harrow, a renowned media coach, has been the driving force behind Harrow Communications Inc., a San Francisco-based media training and marketing firm, for the past 32 years. Serving a diverse clientele, ranging from CEOs to everyday parents, reality TV contestants to rock stars, Susan specializes in media coaching and developing marketing strategies for a wide range of individuals. Her expertise extends to Fortune 500 CEOs, start-ups, influential speakers, bestselling authors, and successful entrepreneurs who possess a genuine passion, charisma, and compassion for their work. In addition to her impressive portfolio, Susan has collaborated with various professionals in unique fields. Her clients have included competitors on popular shows like The Food Network’s The Next Iron Chef, award-winning documentary filmmakers, advocates against racism, unconventional publishers, and individuals with extraordinary occupations, such as The Ganja Guru, a Jesuit priest, an actor from the film “The Secret,” and an Ayurvedic chef. With clients spanning from San Francisco to Singapore, Susan stays connected with them through virtual platforms like Zoom. When it comes to selecting future clients, Susan seeks socially conscious, boldly opinionated, or delightfully entertaining individuals and organizations from San Francisco, Silicon Valley, New York, and beyond. She admires those who are dedicated to making a positive impact on the world and values innovators and multi-talented individuals who are committed to addressing pressing global issues. Susan’s current aspiration is to work with visionary clients who appreciate innovation, style, and sustainable green living, as these values contribute to the advancement of both people and the planet. Susan’s expertise in media coaching has led her clients to prominent appearances on numerous national and syndicated shows, such as CBS’ 60 Minutes, Oprah, Good Morning America, The Today Show, Fox News, Bill O’Reilly, The Food Network, Extra!, New Attitudes, E! The Entertainment Channel, Bloomberg Radio Network, Net Cafe, The Lifetime Channel, Howard Stern, CNN, C-SPAN, PBS, and more. They have also been featured on shows like Larry King Live, Maury Povich, National Public Radio’s All Things Considered, Good Morning America, and CBS This Morning. Susan’s comprehensive media training has enabled her clients to gain exposure through esteemed publications, podcasts, panels, and radio and television shows throughout the United States. Notable media outlets that have reviewed and interviewed her clients include TIME, WIRED, USA Today, People magazine, O Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Inc., The New York Times, Forbes, Inc., and various women’s magazines like Vogue, Bazaar, Self, Mademoiselle, Vanity Fair, Redbook, and Seventeen.

Steve Braverman – Co-Chairman of Pathstone and Author of  Your Time With The Baton: Winning the Relay Race of Family Wealth Stewardship

Your moment in time, your time with the baton, is in fact your opportunity
to own your legacy, to set your direction and to take responsibility. Personally
challenge yourself and look for the opportunities to combine talent, opportunity, and passion.

Steve Braverman

Steve Braverman is a co-founder, former co-CEO, and now co-Chairman of Pathstone, an advisory firm providing advice to help clients create, manage, and preserve wealth across generations. His book, Your Time with the Baton – Winning the Relay Race of Family Wealth Stewardship (Advantage, March 7, 2023), shares how to embrace the opportunity of wealth management and transfer. Learn more at The most productive family conversations about wealth management and transfer take into consideration what the wealth means, why the grantors want to pass on the money, and what those who receive it want to do with it. If wealth is imparted without a plan, without a vision, and without taking into account the inheritors’ passions, it does a disservice to the grantors, the inheritors, the family, and ultimately to society.