October 7, 2020 – Data Driven Naira Perez and Open Book Management Darren Dahl

October 7, 2020 – Data Driven Naira Perez and Open Book Management Darren Dahl

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Naira Perez – Owner and Founder of SpringHill Digital

The audience in social media is there to entertain themselves.
You are interrupting their entertainment to give your message. 

Naira Perez has over two decades of marketing experience working with several industries and Fortune 500 brands. When Naira went transatlantic to the United States from her native Spain in the 90s, digital marketing was in its infancy. She got her start in direct response advertising, optimizing paid media plans and placements to achieve maximum ROI for her clients.  Her main expertise include developing digital marketing strategies, identifying customer patterns & behaviors on and offline, optimizing ROI through efficiencies and qualified leads, better processes, and effective planning/execution. After two decades in the trenches of product advertising, Naira founded SpringHill Digital in 2016 on the concept that data is always in the driver’s seat. Naira loves the excitement of optimizing in real-time and exploring the plethora of possibilities that exist in raw data, taking pride in the fact that companies don’t need huge budgets to make their digital marketing more effective. SpringHill Digital specializes in small to medium businesses that do not have a digital media specialist but want a digital strategy and a presence online.

Darren Dahl – Former Contributor at Forbes and Author of Change the Game

Get everyone in the business to decide where you are going,
not just the folks at the top. 

Darren Dahl is an experienced business journalist and has ghostwritten multiple books, several of which have landed on bestseller lists, while others have garnered attention and applause from leading business publications. He has written over a million words in his career, targeting various topics in the world of business and entrepreneurship. He has also written more than 500 articles for publications like The New York Times, Inc., Forbes, The Huffington Post, and American Express OPEN Forum. Darren has worked with some of our era’s leading entrepreneurs and business thought leaders in writing blogs and white papers, covering a slew of topics ranging from practical how-to pieces to in-depth profiles on some of the world’s most intriguing companies and entrepreneurs. Along with Jack Stack, President of SRC Holdings Corporation and Author of Bestseller, The Great Game of Business, Darren is co-author of the new book, Change the Game: Saving the American Dream by Closing the Gap between the Haves and the Have-Nots. The book is filled with stories that demonstrate the transformative effects that happen when people embrace a system that makes work fun and rewarding for everyone who plays.