November 14, 2013 – Lux Builder Mayer Dahan, Crowdfunder Ellen Sperling & On-Shorer Anurag Kumar

November 14, 2013 – Lux Builder Mayer Dahan, Crowdfunder Ellen Sperling & On-Shorer Anurag Kumar

Broadcast November 14, 2013 on Liberty Express Radio

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Mayer Dahan – CEO and Founder of Prime Five Homes

Mayer Dahan has been working in the residential construction and real estate industry for over 10 years and has built over a dozen homes, with four completed within the last year. Mayer loves the deal, but still maintains the environmental integrity of the homes. He has grown his firm to a staff of over 200 dedicated and elite professionals. Mayer has been able to provide impeccable, beautiful homes with sophisticated architectural work that exceed expectations. Mayer also takes pride in working within his community and is working on a non-profit to help those less fortunate.

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Ellen Sperling – Co-Founder at

Ellen Sperling is co-founder of YouveGotFunds, a cool, new Crowdfunding website helping people launch their great idea. With banks reluctant to loan to small business owners, services like Ellen’s become more and more important.


Anurag Kumar – Co-founder & CEO, ITexico and Business Coach

Anurag Kumar has grown ITexico to several hundred employees by providing leading edge Mobile Apps development services to businesses at better prices. Using a unique hybrid onshore (here in the US) and near shore delivery model (in Mexico), Kumar provides scalable and cost effective services to his clients. Their development and testing teams in Guadalajara provide our client added bandwidth and dedicated teams at highly competitive rates with all the advantages of next door teams, same time zone, and reduced travel. Tight collaboration for mission critical projects, software development, testing, quality assurance and support requirements give Texico advantages and cost competitiveness with India.

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