March 13, 2023 – Scale w/o Losing Your Soul Todd Emaus and NOPE Beth Ann Shaeffer

March 13, 2023 – Scale w/o Losing Your Soul Todd Emaus and NOPE Beth Ann Shaeffer

Todd Emaus – Culture Builder and Author of Scale without Losing Your Soul: The Startup Culture Guide

If you are a person that is committed to giving, that is an amazing value to
articulate, and bring other people in that are committed to giving with the
company. If you are not committed to that, and you name that as a value,
you will invite an incredible amount of skepticism and you are introducing
risk into the business. The primary role of the founder is to de-risk the business.

Todd Emaus

Todd Emaus is a coach and culture builder who helps founders & leaders move past obstacles, win the mental game, build effective teams & lead companies that matter. Todd’s experiences founding multiple businesses, raising venture capital, and leading rapidly growing teams provide the backdrop for a deep empathy for today’s leaders and the challenges that they face. Todd is a partner at Evolution. His clients have included founders and leaders at some of the most iconic and ambitious organizations of our generation including Twitter, Slack, Bandcamp, Iterable, Magic Spoon, Snapdocs, Conductor, Tilt, Firstbase, and others.

Beth Ann Shaeffer – Founder of NOPE Beverages    

The first thing I did was start Googling. What were the options already out
there? I
started going to grocery stores to see if I could find something that
was out there, to
see if I missed it. I didn’t find anything, so I knew there
was a need for this.

Beth Ann Shaeffer

Beth Ann Shaeffer is the Founder of NOPE Beverages, a premium cocktail alternative with 0% alcohol. Beth created the brand in her kitchen when her ex-husband – whom she is still great friends with – became sober and didn’t want him to feel left out. Her carbonated, ready-to-drink cocktails are crafted with the same natural fruit and herbs that she used to create them in her kitchen.

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