December 2, 2020 – Money Multiplier Brent Kesler and AgilePG Paul Clayson

December 2, 2020 – Money Multiplier Brent Kesler and AgilePG Paul Clayson

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Brent Kesler – Financial Coach and Founder of The Money Multiplier

Since 2013, conventional banks have more than quadrupled
the amount of whole life insurance that they purchase. Why? 

Brent Kesler is the Founder and Owner of The Money Multiplier, a wealth consulting group that specializes in Mapping Out the Millionaire Mystery, which assists in freeing families from financial failure. Brent Kesler himself was $984,711 in third-party debt, which he was able to pay off in just 39 months with the 200-year-old concept used by The Money Multiplier Method. The Money Multiplier Method teaches how money really works and how you can become your own banker and be in control of your hard-earned dollars. For the last several years, Brent has been lecturing thousands of people around the country on the dynamics of the TMM Method, and helping individuals break the bonds of financial slavery and take control of their own financial life. In his first book, Mapping Out the Millionaire Mystery: Step Into the Secrets of the Wealthy, alongside his co-author, Chris Naugle, Brent expands upon the two-hundred-year-old strategy used by the wealthy to eliminate debt and grow their wealth, in a way that is technical enough for the educated reader, yet simple enough for anyone to apply.

Paul Clayson – CEO of AgilePQ and Valuation Impact

There is no value in doing well something that
you should not be doing at all.

Paul Clayson has been a business executive as a business owner, global business and market strategy expert, financial and investment strategist, and senior political advisor. With his extensive experience in launching and growing early-stage companies, he joined AgilePQ in 2017 as Chief Executive Officer. AgilePQ is the leading quantum-safe IoT security company providing solutions for today’s most formidable data communication challenges, and has raised a total of $10M to date. Paul has previously served as the Founder and CEO of HZO Inc., a Salt Lake City-based startup with disruptive advanced nanomaterials technology that makes electronic devices waterproof. Paul’s businesses have been recognized globally for high innovation and rapid growth, winning such prestigious awards as Golden Stevie awards on two continents and CES innovation awards. He has deep experience with company governance and boards, and a broad global network of venture and PE firms. Paul currently serves in advisory and mentor roles with the Stanford University TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy, and the North Carolina Joint School of Nano-Science and the Nano-Engineering (JSNN) Board of Advisors.