June 2, 2015 – Mergers & Acquisitions w Mark Biersmith & Fresh Seafood Kathleen Hulsey

June 2, 2015 – Mergers & Acquisitions w Mark Biersmith & Fresh Seafood Kathleen Hulsey

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Mark Biersmith – President and Chief Operating Officer at Aerial Development Group Holdings

Mark Biersmith is the highly accomplished President and COO of Aerial Development Group Holdings and a Mergers & Acquisitions expert. He works on investment, development, and construction issues in the residential, multi-family spaces. Prior to Aerial, Mark has been the CEO at several companies, including International Software Development Company, RoadMasters Holdings, and CFG. He was CFO & an Equity Holder at Rumble International, a software concern. He has also held several other high positions in other corporations. Some of Mark’s honors and awards include being published many times in International Professional Journals, being a speaker at the NYSE and the Harvard Club, and last but not least, Mark was also twice invited to dine with the President of the United States.
Mark BiersmithKathleen Hulsey Mark Biersmith

Kathleen Hulsey – Owner at Kathleen’s Catch

Kathleen is an entrepreneur and the proud owner of a successful seafood store, Kathleen’s Catch. Kathleen’s Catch is a family-owned business dedicated to bringing the freshest seafood from the oceans of the world to your table. In many cases, seafood harvested today is delivered fresh tomorrow. As she explains, the only way to get the seafood any fresher is to catch it yourself. Her bustling little store sells more seafood every week than most of the seafood departments in large grocery stores. Kathleen graduated from Georgia State University and some of her skills include strategic planning, new business development, team building, entrepreneurship, and event management.
Kathleen Hulsey Kathleen Hulsey

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