March 18, 2013 – NYT Best Selling Grant Cardone & Sideqik Founder Kurt Uhlir

March 18, 2013 – NYT Best Selling Grant Cardone & Sideqik Founder Kurt Uhlir

Guests: Grant Cardone, NTY Bestselling Author of Sell or Be Sold, Kurt Uhlir of

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Grant Cardone

This is a great show, with great guests.  You gotta listen to this.

Grant Cardone is a true renaissance man. As an international sales expert, Grant made it his business to help train and motivate entrepreneurs to attain success. This business has manifested itself in many forms. Grant has created programs to train and motivate clients ranging from individual entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies. Not surprisingly, Grant has become an internationally recognized motivational speaker through his efforts.

A few years ago, Grant started his show, Turnaround King, that employs many of the business principles he has developed throughout the years. On the airwaves, he also acts as host of his radio show, The Cardone Zone, a platform he uses to entertain and educate his listeners on strategies he has developed to escape the rat race and achieve financial affluence.

Kurt Uhlir

Being an entrepreneur since the age of 14, Kurt Uhlir is no stranger to risk. A fact also proven by his twitter profile pic (displayed on right).

Kurt started out working at Navteq, and during his time there they grew from $80 million to $1.4 billion in sales. Eventually, the company was sold to Nokia for roughly $8 billion. He then moved on to Atlanta-based Virtue, where he served in a business strategy development capacity. The company recently sold to Oracle.

Nowadays, Kurt is the founder of two projects, and is a platform that seeks to bring financial investors and technology innovators together so that the true technological potential of the South can be realized. Kurt’s most recent endeavor, Sideqik, is a site that provides a streamlined process for forging marketing relationships. The company was grown to satisfy a need he had often faced in business created by the complexities involved in many marketing relationships.  He had some great stuff to share about growing a small business through partnerships.  Love it.