March 11, 2013 – Lisa Samples and Twitter Parties

March 11, 2013 – Lisa Samples and Twitter Parties

Guest: Lisa Samples, Owner and Founder of In Charge Social Media, LLC

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In December of 2011, Lisa decided to leave her role in the corporate world as a human resource executive and consultant behind. Upon her departure, she decided to start her company, In Charge Social Media. This company serves as a catalyst for an relatively new online marketing trend known as ‘Twitter parties’. These events are built around real world events with the purpose of promoting the client’s brand by growing their spheres of influence in the Twitter universe. Among their many satisfied clients are companies like Disney Pixar and UPS.

As a subset of this business, Lisa is also the founder of an online community called the Brand Buzz Network. The network is designed for both bloggers and PR professionals alike to grow and learn from one another. It also doubles as a marketing platform for clients in need of promotion. Lisa has a blog of her own called Life with Lisa. As the name would imply, this blog records her new life with her husband and two children in Orlando, FL, as they have recently moved from Atlanta, GA (I guess we can forgive them for that).

This interview has some real nuggets of knowledge about Twitter. Great stuff, especially when she goes through my old Tweets and calls me a “spammer”! Great stuff.

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