March 4, 21013 – Bootstrap Bar Owner/ Pastor Joey Tatum!

March 4, 21013 – Bootstrap Bar Owner/ Pastor Joey Tatum!

Guests: Joey Tatum, Owner of lots of bars and Pastor Tim Morrison, Host of Internet Radio Show, Write Here Write Now

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This episode we are visited by Business Radio X’s own Tim Morrison and Jim’s brother-in-law Joey Tatum.

Tim started as a pastor of 26 years around the US and in Ghana as a member of the United Church of Christ. While attaining his DMin. degree, he served as Principle and Education Specialist of an Evangelical Presbyterian Church Seminary in Peki, Ghana where he jump-started Sunday school programs for the establishment. Upon his return to the states, he began his own church and finished out his career by offering his consulting services to help grow struggling churches. Sort of like growing a business!

Shortly afterwards, Tim began a consulting service for writers that sought to establish a framework through which his clients could better convey thoughts in their writing. Tim has taken his literary knowledge to his show, Write Here Write Now, where he explores how the written word plays a pivotal role in the lives of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals. You can listen live every Tuesday at 10:00amET on Business Radio X!

And, we welcome Joey Tatum.  Joey is Jim’s wife’s half brother. He was a major figure in Jim’s book School for Startups, having started with about $12,000 and now owning lots of stuff, bars, restaurants, campers. Joey is one of the most interesting people you will ever meet, and one of the most humble.