February 25, 2013 – Super SMB Writer Rieva Lesonsky

February 25, 2013 – Super SMB Writer Rieva Lesonsky

Guest: Rieva Lesonsky, President and Founder of GrowBiz Media

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Rieva Lesonsky is CEO and President of GrowBiz Media, a media and custom content company specializing in covering small business and entrepreneurship. Rieva was Editorial Director of Entrepreneur Magazine and is a nationally known speaker and authority on entrepreneurship.  She has been covering America’s entrepreneurs for more than 30 years.

Rieva has appeared on 100s of  programs, including the Today Show, CNN, Good Morning America, Fox Business News, The Martha Stewart Show and Oprah.  She can regularly be seen on MSNBC’s Your Business.

She wrote the bestseller, Start Your Own Business, and regularly writes for Success magazine, American Express OPENForum, Small Biz Trends, Business on Main, and many other small business websites.

She served on the SBA’s National Advisory Council for six years, and was honored by them as a Small Business Media Advocate and a Woman in Business Advocate.  In 2003, Rieva was inducted into the Business Journalism Hall of Fame.

Some topics we discussed….

– the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame induction ceremony,
– how smog days disappeared but SMBs are still there,
– are SMBs under attack?,
– the politicians view of SMBs,
– how ObamaCare will not bankrupting SMBs,
– but regulations might,
– journalism vs entrepreneurship and should business classes be required for journalism students?,
– having to look up the word entrepreneur for an interview w Entreprenur Magazine
– when becoming an entrepreneur became cool,
– how Clinton’s SBA changes  helped the 1990’s, esp woman and minorities,
– how colleges that offer courses in entrepreneurship jumped from 1986 to 1991,
– about hearing the word entrepreneur for the first time on TV,
– about the first time people figured out SMBs create new jobs,
– her advice: go to college and be curious!
– how Domino’s pizza did nothing innovative except marketing, that’s all it takes!
– how she is hesitant to take VC money!
– and finally entrepreneurs outside of Silicon Valley.