December 16, 2015 – Inner Company John Chisholm & Podcast Guru Luis Congdon

December 16, 2015 – Inner Company John Chisholm & Podcast Guru Luis Congdon

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John Chisholm –  Venture CapitalistForbes Contributor and Author of Unleash Your Inner Company: Use Passion and Perseverance to Build Your Ideal Business

John Chisholm has started and run business for thirty years. Two business he started were acquired by brand name big boys, Confirmit and Google. John advises and invests in passionate entrepreneurs who are making the world a better place and he helps create markets conductive to entrepreneurship worldwide. He sits on too many boards to name at Stanford, MIT, Networking for Teaching Entrepreneurship, the Thiel Foundation, and more. He holds two patents and was named DEMO God at DEMO 99.  He has consulted for GE, HP, and Xerox, and is the President of the MIT Worldwide Alumni association. His new book argues that every person can find a business that excites their inner passion and that can be scaled.  Great stuff.

John Chisholm  John Chisholm  John Chisholm  

Luis Congdon – Podcast Guru and Founder of  The Podcasters Secret Weapon 

Luis Congdon began his journey in the online world 10 months ago, and since then he has launched two podcasts, been sponsored by various companies to podcast, grown his business to generate over $25,000 in monthly revenue (take home) and he has utilized podcasting as a way to joint venture, grow affiliate partners, and network with the biggest names in the online and offline world. If you want to create, grow and monetize a podcast as well as network like a pro, meet industry leaders, and make money online, then Luis is someone you should listen to.
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