December 17, 2015 – Rethinking the Past Graham Hancock & Venture and Vultures Chapter 19

December 17, 2015 – Rethinking the Past Graham Hancock & Venture and Vultures Chapter 19

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Graham Hancock – Author of Magicians of the Gods: The Forgotten Wisdom of Earth’s Lost Civilization

Graham Hancock’s multi-million bestseller “Fingerprints of the Gods” remains an astonishing, deeply controversial, wide-ranging investigation of the mysteries of our past and the evidence for Earth’s lost civilization. Twenty years on, Graham returns with the sequel to his seminal work filled with completely new, scientific and archaeological evidence, which has only recently come to light. In the early 1980’s, he was the East Africa correspondent for The Economist, writing about wars, politics, and economics. But in 1983, he made his first visit to Axum in northern Ethiopia, then in the midst of a war zone, and found himself in the presence of an ancient monk outside a little chapel in the grounds of the cathedral of Saint Mary of Zion. The monk told him that the chapel was the sanctuary of the Ark of the Covenant and that he was the guardian of the Ark, the most sacred relic of the Bible, supposedly lost since Old Testament times. What he said seemed ludicrous, but for some reason, it intrigued Graham. In 1992, he published “The Sign and the Seal: A Quest for the Lost Ark of the Covenant,” his first full-fledged investigation of a historical mystery. In 1995, the publication of “Fingerprints of the Gods” looked specifically into the mysteries of the Great Sphinx of Giza and why many ancient sites in all parts of the globe replicate the patterns of constellations on the ground and are aligned to important celestial events. His new book, “Magicians of the Gods,” presents all the new evidence that has emerged since 1995 for a great lost civilization of prehistoric antiquity and for the global cataclysm that destroyed that civilization almost 13,000 years ago. His TED talk “The War on Consciousness” was deleted from the TED YouTube channel on grounds that TED itself later admitted to be spurious. TED, however, refused to restore the talk to its YouTube channel resulting in dozens of pirate uploads all over the internet that have now registered well over a million views.
Graham HancockGraham HancockGraham Hancock

This show features the latest episode of our entrepreneurial serial podcast! The story is called “Venture and Vultures: An Entrepreneurial Thriller.” Here is Chapter Nineteen. Hope you enjoy! 

A Review of Past Episodes…..

Prologue – “Boys, Do You Understood How a Loan Works?”
Chapter One – “The Name of the Game Is Guts”
Chapter Two – “You Don’t Have a Clue”
Chapter Three – “So, What Are the Next Steps?”
Chapter Four – “Its Like a Vacuum in There!”
Chapter Five – “Can We Break Even?”
Chapter Six – ”Drive Faster, the Cell Is Not Working”
Chapter Seven, “You Want Flooding Keyboards or First Period?”
Chapter Eight, “Why Does He Keep Pulling his Dick?”
Chapter Nine, “4000 Miles in 3 Days!”
Chapter Ten, “Dude! We Are on Fire!”
Chapter Eleven, “You’ve Done Surprisingly Well”
Chapter Twelve, “Things Look Really Bad”
Chapter Thirteen, “Are You Looking for Investors?”
Chapter Fourteen, “Does that Mean We Get to Party with Clint Eastwood?”
Chapter Fifteen, “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner”
Chapter Sixteen, “So, Who’s the CEO of this Business?”
Chapter Seventeen, “I’ll Take 40% of This Business”
Chapter Eighteen, “Hail, the Conquering Heroes!”

and now Chapter Nineteen, “So, We All Vote Yes?”

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