October 8, 2015 – Entrepreneur’s Yoda Lonnie Sciambi & Bootstrapper Raj Sheth

October 8, 2015 – Entrepreneur’s Yoda Lonnie Sciambi & Bootstrapper Raj Sheth

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Lonnie Sciambi – “The Entrepreneur’s Yoda” – Author of Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success: Giving Entrepreneurs an Edge, Learned from Years in the Entrepreneurial Trenchesand Speaker and Advisor to Entrepreneurs  

Lonnie Sciambi is  a small business advisor, mentor, author and speaker. He brings a passion for helping entrepreneurs and small business owners, along with a track record of success and hard-won experience across a mix of markets, products and services. His 30 years of experience includes running both public and private companies. Lonnie sold two of his own entrepreneurial start-ups and advised, mentored and/or invested in dozens. He is author of the best-selling book, “Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success,” based on his years in the entrepreneurial trenches, and gives entrepreneurs the edge they need. The book provides “to-the-point” advice and easily implementable solutions for issues entrepreneurs face every day. He has successfully completed multiple small business turnarounds and as an operating executive and investment banker, completed more than three dozen merger/acquisition transactions and raised more than $350 million of capital.
Lonnie SciambiLonnie SciambiLonnie Sciambi


Raj Sheth – CEO & Co-Founder at recruiterbox.com and Author of Prepare: How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love Hiring

Raj Sheth studied entrepreneurship at Babson College, one of the world’s best entrepreneurship learning centers. Since graduating, he has run several businesses. He started and ran two web portals in India during the subsequent five years, one a classifieds portal that reached 10K users (not a lot), and failed to achieve a sustainable revenue model, and second, an e-commerce luxury goods portal that continues to have an offline distributorship. He then saw an opportunity to bootstrap Recruiterbox. It is a recruiting software platform that helps over 1500+ companies source and manage employment candidates. Customers include the US Department of Energy, Choice Hotels, Crunchbase, Couchsurfing, Fox Restaurants & many more.
Raj ShethRaj ShethRaj Sheth

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