October 7, 2015 – SMB Saving Casey Smith & Inspiring Alec Tranel & Caregiving Willi Ash Howell

October 7, 2015 – SMB Saving Casey Smith & Inspiring Alec Tranel & Caregiving Willi Ash Howell

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Casey Smith – President of Wiser Wealth Management

Casey Smith is an investment advisor that believes that in a commission world, the odds of success are stacked against the clients. When he formed his company in 2001, he sought to create a firm that allowed him to sit on the same side of the table with his clients. This fee only model was not just a trend that many people thought; it is the way of the present and certainly the future of the financial services industry. The next step in his independence was to get away from high priced financial products. This search lead him to use index funds as opposed to managed mutual funds and to say no to annuities. His company goals are to continue working with individuals and to expand their philosophy of investing to company retirement plans. Casey has won the Cobb Chamber 2015 Small Business of the Year, the Atlanta Magazine Wealth Manager of the Year for 2014, the Cobb Life Magazine Top 20 Rising Stars Under 40, and the Berry College Young Alumni of the Year. In 2011, 2012, and 2013, he won the Metro Atlanta Wealth Manager of the Year Award.
Casey SmithCasey SmithCasey Smith

Alec Tranel – Growth Strategist, Speaker and Writer

Alec Tranel is an inspiration to all of us. When he was 5,  he had surgery that made him unable to walk again. His T-6 spinal cord injury forced him to face the challenges of life. Now, he cherishes the pains of the past and he choose to take them all on in the future. Alec is working on his third startup, Intern Betas. The idea originated to take Internship experiences to a leading caliber by operating at startups. The idea has developed into an ecosystem for Founders to build the best team to actualize their ideas, and young entrepreneurs to put their abilities to the test. Witnessing the caliber of leadership that it takes to launch a startup, Alec relates, “If you are in the pursuit of being a Founder of a Startup, Leadership is essential.” Between his 27 surgical operations, Alec learned to keep a sound mind by writing, but has taken it a step further and shares it through Blogging and Speaking.
Alec TranelAlec TranelAlec Tranel

Willi Ash Howell – Founder of Care for Caregivers

Willi Howell responded to the problems she faced in her own life. She needed help with family members that required care. The concept and vision was transformed when she was unable to find a company that offered respite relief services for the caregiver. Through her research, she found many companies that offered services for a minimum of 8 hours per day.  She was unable to find a company that offered services for 5 hours or less. Her siblings and Willi were caregivers to both of their parents for several years and found it to be beneficial because they were able to care for them in their own homes. They also found it to be challenging, stressful, and sometimes overwhelming. Her business developed to offer an alternative to traditional home care services that meets the needs of the care giver at an affordable price. Care for Caregivers  offers you peace of mind, while you take time out to care for yourself. Willi has been a Licensed Practical Nurse since 1979.
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