January 19, 2016 – Lonely Entrepreneur Michael Dermer & Financial Mentor Todd Tresidder

January 19, 2016 – Lonely Entrepreneur Michael Dermer & Financial Mentor Todd Tresidder

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Michael Dermer – Founder of IncentOne and Author of The Lonely Entrepreneur: The Difference between Success and Failure is Your Perspective 

Michael Dermer is an entrepreneur, speaker, and lawyer, widely hailed as a pioneer of the movement to reward employees for healthy behavior. Just a few years out of law school, Michael left a coveted job as a corporate lawyer to pursue the dream of being his own boss. With a bold idea—rewarding Americans for healthy behavior and, in the process, saving the healthcare system a bundle—he started IncentOne. For ten years, he worked to motivate a team, convince the healthcare industry, win customers, and get buy-in from skeptics. Finally, on October 15, 2008, after landing plum customers like Deloitte and General Motors, Michael clinched a private equity investment that should have put IncentOne on the path to billion-dollar riches. Then, the Great Recession struck. In ten days, his dream spiraled into a nightmare. Bankrupt customers. Angry investors. credit and capital gone. He found himself scrambling to save the business he took a decade to build. After two years of toiling, furiously and tirelessly during 20 hour days, he successfully recovered and sold IncentOne. In the process, Michael discovered something – that the difference between his success and failure was overcoming the flawed perspectives that develop in the struggle and under pressure and the value of seeing everyday challenges in a different light. The Lonely Entrepreneur pinpoints what separates entrepreneurs who thrive in business from those who crumble: perspective.

Michael Dermer Michael Dermer

Todd Tresidder – Money Coach and Financial Educator at FinancialMentor.Com

Todd Tresidder graduated from the University of California at Davis with a B.A. in economics and a passion for creating successful businesses. A serial entrepreneur since childhood, Todd went on to build his own wealth as a hedge fund investment manager before “retiring” at 35. He grew his net worth from less than zero at 23 to the point of financial independence just 12 years later. Todd has maintained his wealth by remaining an active investor and utilizing statistical and mathematical risk management systems for investing. Through his website at FinancialMentor.com, he teaches advanced investing and advanced retirement planning principles. Take the next step beyond conventional financial advice and discover what works, what doesn’t, and why, based on years of proven experience. Provides money coaching services on wealth building and investment strategy. I teach “financial freedom for smart people” with next level education and tips specifically designed for each individual’s circumstances. Tons of free education including autoresponder courses, financial calculators, and video along with paid products including coaching and ebooks.
Todd TresidderTodd Tresidder


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