October 31, 2014 – Better Light w Lisa Landau & Int’l Crowdfunding Barry James

October 31, 2014 – Better Light w Lisa Landau & Int’l Crowdfunding Barry James

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Lisa Landau – CEO/President at Intelligent Lighting Corp, the home of the PowerDisc 

Lisa Landau is the CEO and President of Intelligent Lighting Corp., where she uses her experience in product and new business development, strategic planning, and business management to help grow the company. The mission of Intelligent Lighting Corp. is to identify, develop, manufacture, and market products that are energy-efficient and that provide benefits to both the consumer and the environment. The company is able to place this future-forward thinking on product development and still generate profits in the energy-saving technology sector. You will remember their core product, the PowerDisc, and should be excited to see it come back into the mainstream, along with the eCandescent light bulb.

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Lisa Landau

Barry E. James – Founder & CEO at The Crowd Data Center & The Crowdfunding Centre

Barry E James is the Founder and CEO at the Crowd Data Center and The Crowdfunding Centre, as well as the Founder/Director of The Social Foundation. As a thought-leader and enthusiastic individual about the world of entrepreneurs, he is one of the most respected innovators and representatives of Crowdfunding. With a comprehensive approach that includes speaking, writing, public policy challenging, and a successful entrepreneurial drive, Barry is not only an expert in the UK, but is internationally recognized for his work in the field. Barry earned his degree in Psychology and Mathematics from Lancaster University and in 2010 he co-authored a report for the UK’s Information Commissioner on information security in the UK SME sector.
Barry E JamesBarry E JamesBarry E James

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