February 16, 2017 – The New LinkedIn w Mike O’Neil & Carley Rose New Clothing Line

February 16, 2017 – The New LinkedIn w Mike O’Neil & Carley Rose New Clothing Line

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Mike O’Neil – Forbes Top 50 Award Winner, Social Selling Speaker, Trainer, Author of Rock the World with your Online Presence: Your Ticket to a Multi-Platinum LinkedIn Profile 2nd Edition, Expert, Futurist

Mike O’Neil has been a guest before, and we asked him back to talk about the new LinkedIn. He teaches selling more with LinkedIn, social selling, inside sales, outside sales, channel sales, and “Any Sales.” He founded Integrated Alliances a decade ago as a B2B networking events company and it really took off. Soon after, he taught the world’s 1st-ever LinkedIn Hands-on Workshop. It drew 100 super insightful business professionals and it was the start of his new career. He has taught 500 sessions with 20,000 attendees! His LinkedIn profile is worth studying to learn how to get found on the site. He has 30,000 LinkedIn connections, 95,000 Twitter followers and a Klout score of 70+! He shares great tips and will help you sell more!

Mike O'NeilMike O'Neil

Carley Wolski – Creative Director at Carley Rose the Label

Carley Wolski is the founder of a new clothing line called Carley Rose The Label. It is a fully sustainable and ethical fashion label for men and women. The idea behind the brand stems from to desire to challenge the current fashion industry to create a different and better choice for consumers. With a bohemian vibe, this line is designed for comfort with a conscience. Carley Rose aims to continue creating a a wearable brand that is earth conscious and is an emerging Australian fashion brand with a focus on ethical and sustainable sourcing and production. The brand and Carley’s passion for this kind of approach comes from a love of the earth and sea and all the living plants and creatures they encompass.
Carley Rose The LabelCarley Rose The Label


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