February 15, 2017 – Fiverr Special Episode – Voice Overs w Redd Horrocks, Web Design Dan Bochichio & Explainer Videos Ryan Heenan

February 15, 2017 – Fiverr Special Episode – Voice Overs w Redd Horrocks, Web Design Dan Bochichio & Explainer Videos Ryan Heenan

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Fiverr Special Episode

Redd Horrocks – Owner and Voiceover Artist at Red Swift Media

Several years ago, a friend asked Redd Horrocks if she would mind lending her voice to a video game character for a development project that he was working on. Redd agreed and, after several sessions recording character back story and blood-curdling death screams, she was hooked. Since that fateful weekend, Redd has lent her voice to documentaries, phone systems, commercials, demo videos, rock albums, audio books, app previews and many other projects. She hails from South-East England; home of rolling green hills, chestnut trees, and unlimited pubs. Several years ago she moved to Atlanta, Georgia and became a Southern girl for a while. Now, Redd lives in Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada. Her accent can swing from proper English to Southern Belle to standard American, as well as many characters in between. She loves to work and loves to be challenged. And Fiverr provides both for her, and a great income!
Redd Horrocks

Dan Bochichio – Owner and Senior Web Developer at Bocain Designs

Dan Bochichio started using the Internet in the early days, when BBS and MUDs were extremely popular. He likes to say that he didn’t grow up with the Internet, but that the Internet grew up with him. In 1997, he started to dabble with web design while playing a few online games. Little did he know, he’d be doing the same thing (and loving it) nearly two decades later! Today, Dan works with small businesses in and around Albany, New York. Over the past decade he handled fulfillment for several web design and Advertising agencies in upstate NY, created websites to help businesses and organizations achieve their goals online, and has been responsible for constructing websites that both attract and convert traffic into leads for small businesses. He is a top rated seller on Fiverr which allows him to work with dozens of businesses every week which keeps his skills sharp and constantly developing.
Dan Bochichio

Ryan Heenan – Video and Digital Marketing Guru

Ryan Heenan is a video and digital marketing specialist and one of Fiverr’s greatly successful outsourcers. He works with businesses to help them grow and diversify their digital marketing strategies. Unlike many marketing and branding specialists who focus on one piece of the company’s marketing strategy, Ryan takes a different approach with a focus on creative marketing. From whiteboard and explainer videos to sales funnels and Facebook ads campaigns, he can help you boost your conversions and collect more leads. From Fortune 100 companies to bestselling authors to local businesses, he has worked with businesses of all sizes in many different niches. He specializes in Creative Marketing, specifically Animated Explainer Videos, Jingles and Sonic Branding. His clients include Prudential Realty, Coldwell Banker, Farmer’s Insurance, Marketo and more. And, he has been covered in times, Forbes and Kinplinger’s.

Ryan HeehanRyan Heenan

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