July 20, 2018 – Drink Entrepreneur Naima Atti, The Land Geek Mark Podolsky and B State Mark Samuel

July 20, 2018 – Drink Entrepreneur Naima Atti, The Land Geek Mark Podolsky and B State Mark Samuel

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Naima Atti – Founder of NINI

NINI, meaning delicious in Kotokoli, is a drink on a mission: to make an African drink in the USA that fuels the body and the spirit and helps build a better world. Inspired by West African drink recipes featuring ingredients like hibiscus and lemongrass, NINI A Sip of Africa offers a taste from a continent rich in culture and history and gives back, with each purchase supporting women entrepreneurs in Togo, West Africa. NINI is the realization of Founder Naima Attis. Her lifelong dream was to create a drink that brings people together and build a business that is founded on a mission for change. Naima’s story begins as a little girl growing up in West Africa, where she would sell beverages alongside other traditional African foods outside her family home. After living in Libreville, Gabon, Togo, Ghana, Benin, and Nigeria, she and her family settled in New York City. Naima loved New York vibrant, energetic culture but found that a connection to Africa was missing. Naima decided to combine her love of crafting authentic juices with her desire to celebrate African culture, and NINI was born: healthy, flavorful beverages inspired by her homeland, handcrafted in her new home, New York.
drink nini

Mark Podolsky – Managing Member of Land Geek Enterprises and Managing Director of Frontier Properties

Mark J. Podolsky (AKA The Land Geek) is widely considered the Country’s most trusted and foremost authority on buying and selling raw, undeveloped land within the United States. He has been actively investing in Real Estate and Raw Land since 2001 and has completed over 5,000 unique transactions. Mark’s company, Frontier Equity Properties, LLC, is an A+ rated BBB real estate company. Mark has achieved this level of success largely due to his core business philosophy – “Happy Customers Guaranteed.” Mark is the host of one of the top-rated podcast in the Investing Category on iTunes aptly title The Best Passive Income Model. He is also the host of the Land Geek Podcast- Work Smart. Earn More. Learn How.
Mark J. PodolskyMark J. Podolsky

Mark Samuel –  CEO and Accountability Consultant at IMPAQ Corporation and Author of B State: A New Roadmap for Bold Leadership, Brave Culture, and Breakthrough Results

Mark Samuel is the President and Founder of IMPAQ, an award-winning international consulting firm providing coaching and consulting with an emphasis on Corporate and Personal Accountability. He is also the author of the acclaimed “Creating the Accountable Organization” and, “Making Yourself Indispensable: The Power of Personal Accountability,” which was recently named Best New Business Book by the International Book Awards. An Independent Consultant, Educator and Speaker since 1978, Mark has gained a reputation for masterfully demonstrating how Accountability can improve a company’s bottom line. He teaches organizations of every stripe to thrive in the competitive 21st-century global marketplace through results-oriented management based upon the practice of Accountability. CNBC, Bloomberg and Fortune Magazine have recognized him as a top authority on how companies can end blame in the ranks and create a place where people want to work because they can produce results. Mark’s work has affected long-term positive, profitable improvement in companies worldwide, including Chevron Corporation, American Express, Genentech, Baptist Healthcare, Honda Corporation, Texas Instruments, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, AMGEN, The Royal Bank of Canada, Baxter Pharmaceuticals, The University of California at Berkeley, General Dynamics, Michelin Tires, and Siemens.
Mark SamuelMark Samuel