July 18, 2018 – Bootstrapping Dr. Dileep Rao, Cybersecurity Expert Chris Moschovitis and Personal Leadership Dr. Hitendra Wadhwa

July 18, 2018 – Bootstrapping Dr. Dileep Rao, Cybersecurity Expert Chris Moschovitis and Personal Leadership Dr. Hitendra Wadhwa

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Dr. Dileep RaoProfessor and Author of  “Nothing Ventured Everything Gained

Dr. Dileep Rao is an entrepreneurial columnist for Forbes.com, author of books for the American Management Association and the New York Times, and adjunct professor at the U of Minnesota. Previously, he was the managing director of five turnaround companies and has financed 450 startups, growing businesses, and real estate projects. Dileep was the chairman of one corporation and a director of emerging ventures and financial institutions. Dileep consults with entrepreneurs, managers, governments, corporations and development financiers in venture development, and assists financial institutions in business financing programs. Dileep has been an adjunct professor teaching New Business Formation and Development and Venture Financing in MBA programs in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. He is a three-time winner of the Outstanding MBA Teacher of the Year and won the 2008 Excellence in Teaching Award. Dileep has also written nationally acclaimed business reference books including “Finance Any Business Intelligently™”, “Business Financing: 25 Keys to Raising Money” (New York Times Pocket MBA Series, N.Y.) and the “Handbook of Business Finance & Capital Sources” (Co-Publisher: American Management Association, New York, NY).
Dr. Dileep Rao

Chris Moschovitis – Founder of www.tmg-emedia.com, Cybersecurity Expert and Author of Cybersecurity Program Development for Business: The Essential Planning Guide

Chris Moschovitis was Director of Academic Computing at Pratt Institute and was Vice President of Information Technology for the O’Connor Group. In 1989, Chris started his own company called the Information Technology Management Group (www.tmgr.com)  focusing on providing independent technology management expertise and outsourcing services. TMG expanded its Internet offerings in 2004 by investing in emedia (www.emediaweb.com)  a prominent, award-winning, and internationally acclaimed interactive software development firm, forming tmg-emedia (www.tmg-emedia.com). Today, tmg-emedia is one of the premier independent consulting firms in the country. Chris is the co-author of the critically acclaimed “History of the Internet: 1843 to the Present” as well as a contributor to the “Encyclopedia of Computers and Computer History” and the “Encyclopedia of New Media.” He is both cybersecurity certified (CSX, CISM) and IT Governance (CGEIT), as well as an active member of ISACA, ISSA, IEEE, and AMA.
Chris MoschovitisChris Moschovitis

Dr. Hitendra Wadhwa – Professor of Practice at Columbia Business School and Founder of the Institute for Personal Leadership (IPL)

Hitendra Wadhwa researches, codifies and teaches the “Inner Mastery, Outer Impact” principles that underlie his work on Personal Leadership. He serves as Professor of Practice at Columbia Business School, where his class Personal Leadership & Success has been the most popular leadership elective for many years, earning him the Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence and the Executive-MBA Commitment to Excellence Award. He created the Five Pillars of Personal Leadership, which are Purpose, Wisdom, Love, Growth and Self-Realization. Based on his research and teaching, Hitendra founded the Institute for Personal Leadership, currently serving as President.
Dr. Hitendra WadhwaDr. Hitendra Wadhwa