December 20, 2013 – kikaPaprika Co-Founder Kim Shaw & Founding Mom Jill Salzman

December 20, 2013 – kikaPaprika Co-Founder Kim Shaw & Founding Mom Jill Salzman

 Female Entrepreneur Week! Last Day!

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Kim Shaw – Co-Founder and Owner of kikaPaprika 

Kim Shaw and her daughter Kirstyn are the mother-daughter team behind kikaPaprika. Kim founded kikaPaprika envisioning a clothing line that would allow women to look and feel great. And one that would empower women with a real business opportunity fitting within their individual lifestyles. After graduating from UCLA and with a successful business career of her own, Kirstyn decided to returning to school for an advanced degree in Apparel Manufacturing Management. Together these two dynamic women make a great team. And they are helping woman around the US creates jobs and incomes for their families. Are you a stay at home mom that wants a career on the side?  This interview, and the next one frankly, are a great place to start.

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Jill Salzman – Co-Founder at The Founding Kit and Founder of The Founding Moms 

This is Jill Salzman’s second time on the show. I thought she would be the perfect finale for Female Entrepreneur Week. She built two successful businesses, then decided to help moms, like her, around the world. When she was last with us, her Founding Moms® group was up to 40 cities. I cannot wait to see how many she is up to now! She built The Founding Moms so mom entrepreneurs could have a place of their own. They have live monthly meetings where moms can exchange ideas and and learn from one another. She also has a new podcast of her own, make sure to check it out!

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