June 13, 2013 – COO for Hire Alex Munoz & Amazon/ eBay Guru Skip McGrath

June 13, 2013 – COO for Hire Alex Munoz & Amazon/ eBay Guru Skip McGrath

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Alex Munoz– Founder of CSR, LLC

Alex Munoz has acted as a strategic adviser in many forms for the last several years. His consulting company is a natural consequence of his acumen in this role. His expertise falls in the category of organizational performance optimization (achieved through creating controlled and process-oriented environments for business operations) and M&A. He works primarily with start-up and distressed companies, and he has come on to cover topics such as how to react when a company’s needs outgrow the abilities of  its founders, how to deal with financial discourse, and managing positive crises. Miss this interview at your own risk!

Skip McGrath- Ebay/ Amazon Expert and Author of Three Weeks to eBay Profits

Skip comes on to dole out more invaluable advice on how to make it big on the e-retail scene. His road to fame started with the closing of his New York antique shop in 1997. Upon the closing of his business, he ventured to eBay to see if he could sell his remaining stock through that venue. Within a few short months, he was making upwards of $5,000 per month solely through eBay.The rest is history, and now he has moved onto Amazon and created yet another business that is now even larger than his eBay store. He never dissapoints, so make sure to not miss this interview on School for Start-Up Radio.