June 17, 2013 – Visibility Guru Steve Thornton & Entre Dater Neely Steinberg

June 17, 2013 – Visibility Guru Steve Thornton & Entre Dater Neely Steinberg

Broadcast June 17, 2013 on Liberty Express Radio

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Steve Thornton   Co-Founder of VerticalWerks

Steve Thornton owns a company that is helping small businesses all over the place! VerticalWerks has made it their mission to boost their clients’ visibility on the internet. The company is equipped to help its customers from a strategic, creative, technical and mobile standpoint. Steve comes on to give us some tips and tricks regarding one of the most important facets of any entrepreneur’s business. Make sure not to miss this interview!


Neely Steinberg The Entrepreneur’s Dating Expert and Owner of theloveTREP.com

Neely Steinberg is a dating consultant who uses the spirit and principles of entrepreneurship to inspire and motivate women from all career backgrounds to find healthy, happy relationships. Her coaching philosophy will resonate especially with female entrepreneurs, because they live and breathe entrepreneurship on a daily basis. Neely helps the busy, busy business owner get the date AND experiment and iterate her way to success. She understands the mind of an entrepreneur, and she uses this advantage to help put dating into terms that we understand (your own personal value proposition)!