July 18, 2013 – Before He Disappears Again Evan Ratliff & SBA Winner Loretta Emmons

July 18, 2013 – Before He Disappears Again Evan Ratliff & SBA Winner Loretta Emmons

Broadcast July 18, 2013 on Liberty Express Radio

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Evan Ratliff – Co-Founder of Atavist and Wired Writer

Atavist is a new online media/ software company that combines storytelling with the power of the internet technology, and they might be making a splash in the publishing world while they’re at it. Their service involves the collaboration of editors, storytellers, and software engineers to design a new medium of storytelling that combines different types of media (such as text, video, audio, ect.) seamlessly into one experience. In order to do this, they have enlisted the help of Creatavist, the engine originally designed to power Atavist. Evan Ratliff, a co-founder of the company, comes on to give the story of Atavist’s inception, with all the obstacles and triumphs they faced along the way. It is one thing to talk about this new technology, but only the experience does it justice. Make sure to check them out at the link above!

SBA Award Winner Loretta Emmons – co-founder of Heartsong Spay Neuter Clinic

Loretta is another is our series of SBA-helped guests. She and her husband Erik start Heartsong Spay Neuter Clinic in 2006.  They soon saw that their 501(c)3 non profit was not doing enough to save the seemingly countless animals from the local and state shelters. Since opening the first clinic, they have sterilized 9000 pets in the original clinic and have opened high quality low cost clinics in Aiken, SC, Clearfield, UT and Las Vegas. According to one shelter, Loretta’s efforts have reduced the number of euthanasias in their facility by over 2500 per year. I cannot wait to talk to Loretta, learn about the help she received from the SBA, and learn how Heartsong is making a significant impact!