July 17, 2013 – Easier Ads Kyle Johnson & Work Happy Robin Sheerer

July 17, 2013 – Easier Ads Kyle Johnson & Work Happy Robin Sheerer

Broadcast July 17,  2013 on Liberty Express Radio

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Kyle Johnson – Founder of Bixy.com

Kyle and his team built a product called AudioAnywhere (kinda like a web-based Spotify but with no software install). They soon realized that their model had the same problem as so many others: consumers prefer free, ad-supported media and very few consumers are willing to pay for subscriptions. The problem is that the ads don’t make nearly enough money to support web-based models because consumers ignore the ads. Kyle’s team is fixing this with Bixy. The goal is to provide publishers of music, video, news and apps with five times more revenue per ad. The solution is simple: put consumers in charge of their advertising experience and give them rewards for brands they love and products they want. Bixy launched in January 2013 and they are scaling and tweaking throughout 2013.

Robin Sheerer – Founder of Career Enterprises Incorporated

Robin Sheerer has an interesting take on work, and, frankly, it’s a paradigm that might just make all of our lives a little more enjoyable. She believes that a career is a path through which our true selves can be actualized and expressed. She proposes that your chosen vocation should be a channel for both professional and personal fulfillment. This point of view is embodied in her company, Career Enterprises Incorporated. Through this, she has worked with both corporations and the general public to help increase the output of employees everywhere, enriching the life of both the employees and the companies they work for. Her clientele includes Allstate, AT&T, and the Federal Reserve Bank, just to name a few. She comes on to explain and expound upon her worldview. There is much to learn from her, so tune in!