July 16, 2013 – Voice Teacher Bill Patti & Rich Habits Tom Corley

July 16, 2013 – Voice Teacher Bill Patti & Rich Habits Tom Corley

Broadcast July 16,  2013  on Liberty Express Radio

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Bill Patti – Founder of Your Voice Professor

There is an persistently under-appreciate art in life, more importantly in the life of small business owners. It is the art of communication. This art becomes increasingly important as your company grows and becomes crucial to the growth itself very quickly. Bill Patti has made a career off of his voice and communication skills. He has been passing along his knowledge of this area for the last 10 years to business professionals around the nation! Tune in for some freebies on how to sharpen your skills!

Tom Corley – Founder of The Rich Habits Institute and Author of Rich Habits

Tom Corley is the founder of an institute designed to help companies and individuals live financially responsible and successful lives. He is also the author of Rich Habits, a book outlining the principles that his institute stands for. What are these Rich Habits? For some of them, tune in this episode of School for Startups Radio. For the rest of them, you can check out his book here!