July 19, 2013 – Prankster Alan Abel & Candyman David Klein

July 19, 2013 – Prankster Alan Abel & Candyman David Klein

Broadcast July 19,  2013  on Liberty Express Radio

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Alan Abel – Professional Media Prankster

Alan Abel is a man of many talents. Though he has impressed many with talents such as drum soloing, acting, filmaking, writing, and speaking, he is most famous, or should I say infamous for his pranks. Among his most famous is his S.I.N.A hoax, a fake organization created to convince people that there was an organization whose sole purpose was to clothe animals in the name of modesty. In truth, it was a satirical allegory making a statement on the issue of censorship. As with most of his work, his pranks carry a deeper meaning that, much like their comedic value, can only truly be appreciated from an arms length. For his library (and it’s a good one), check here!

David Klein – The Candyman and Inventor of Jelly Belly

This is an amazing story, rags to riches to rags to ??  Jelly Bellies were a leading staple of our childhoods, but what the heck is actually in it? What was the story behind its beginnings?  And what happened? These are all questions we intend to ask David Klein, the inventor of the Jelly Belly, and we will gladly accept any answers he has for us that don’t mandate that he kill us. To catch the whole story behind the Jelly Belly and David Klein, check out the documentary, “The Candyman” (link above). Make sure not to miss this “blast from the past” episode of School for Startups Radio!