August 7, 2014 – Greatest Hits – One Page Jim Horan & Make It Happen Jennifer Wilkov

August 7, 2014 – Greatest Hits – One Page Jim Horan & Make It Happen Jennifer Wilkov

“The audio file was removed when we switched hosts. Sorry. The cost was prohibitive. If you need the file, contact us and we will send it.”

Jim Horan-  President and CEO of The One Page Business Plan

In startups, it is very rare for 40 page business plan to NOT be a huge waste of time; however, your elevator pitch, which is your 30 second business plan, might be one of the most crucial parts of your business’ early life. Jim can turn one of those monstrous 40 page business plans into one that is a single page in length. This helps you as it gives any potential investors a very simple layout for what your business is and how it plans to make money. Jim is with us to to talk little about his book, how to grow a speaking career, how to make your business plan the most succinct expression of thoughts possible.

Jennifer S. Wilkov –  The “Make It Happen” Girl

Jennifer is known as the “Make It Happen” girl. With over two decades of planning and business development experience in Corporate America, she knows how to take any project from where it is to where you want it to be! She introduced and built the first data warehouse at Revlon and lead a cross-functional Blue Box Council in New York City.  She is  the author of 5 books, is also an award-winning freelance writer (2009 Silver Eddie Award), and has appeared in national magazines and newspapers including Marie Claire Magazine, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Parenting Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Shape Magazine, Women’s World, and others. Jennifer has also been interviewed on national and local television shows including CNBC’s Squawk Box and Fox, NBC, CBS and ABC affiliate stations nationwide and on numerous radio shows.


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