August 6, 2014 – Greatest Hits – Predicatable Success w Les McKeown & the Very Sustainable Eric Lowitt

August 6, 2014 – Greatest Hits – Predicatable Success w Les McKeown & the Very Sustainable Eric Lowitt

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Les McKeown – Founder of Predictable Success and Author of “The Synergist: How to Lead Your Team to Predictable Success”

Les McKeown, international keynote speaker and bestselling author, founded Predictable Success® to spread his message.  He has over 25 years of global business experience, and has started 42 companies! In Ireland, he was the founding partner of an incubator that launched hundreds of businesses with thousands of employees. He was awarded the Samuel Smyth Memorial Prize as a Chartered Accountant (CPA) in the UK and was the youngest qualified Chartered Accountant in the UK. After a brief stint with Price Waterhouse (now PwC), Les became Ireland’s youngest ever accounting firm partner. After decades advising individuals and organizations on growth and development, he started his own training and development business, which he grew to 13 offices before selling. In 1999, Les relocated to the US to write, teach and consult in high-performance organizational development with clients including  Harvard University, US Army, Microsoft, United Technologies, American Express, and many others.

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Eric Lowitt, Strategy, Sustainability, Collaboration Expert, Author of The Future of Value and The Collaboration Economy

Eric is an advisor to the world’s most discerning CEOs and executive leaders of NGOs on issues of competitive strategy, sustainable development, and collaboration. He serves as a brainstormers, as partnership brokers among rivals and nontraditional bedfellows. He will even train your employees, your suppliers, and your sales forces in order to discover new ways to grow. As a speaker, his goal is to inspire organizations to collaborate with other organizations to address our largest global challenges. Eric provides keynote talks and targeted workshops to enable audiences to sharpen their organizations’ missions, competitive strategies, and financial performance. In 2012, he formed Nexus Global Advisors, an advisory firm that works alongside the most prominent CEOs, Board Directors, and senior executives to help spark global growth that solves our most vexing global challenges. As part of Eric’s work, in 2011 Wiley published his first book, The Future of Value, which focused on raising sustainability to the level of competitive strategy. In 2013, Wiley published his second book The Collaboration Economy, which presents a new economic model predicated on collaboration dedicated to kick start growth.


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