August 4, 2022 – Inner Mastery Dr. Hitendra Wadhwa and Emotions Matter Dr. Mitra Ray


August 4, 2022 – Inner Mastery Dr. Hitendra Wadhwa and Emotions Matter Dr. Mitra Ray

Dr. Hitendra Wadhwa – Columbia Business School Professor, Founder of the Mentora Institute and Author of Inner Mastery, Outer Impact: How Your Five Core Energies Hold the Key to Success            

Greatness and extraordinary outcomes are within your
grasp. Ordinary people can become extraordinary.

Dr. Hitendra Wadhwa

Hitendra Wadhwa, PhD, is founder of the Mentora Institute and Mentora Foundation, host of the Intersections podcast, and a Professor of Practice at Columbia Business School, where he teaches their most popular MBA leadership course, for which he has won the Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence. His widely acclaimed research and teaching on leadership have been covered by Fortune, CNN, Psychology Today, BBC World Service, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Inc., and Forbes. Dr. Wadhwa’s Mentora Institute is at the forefront of creating a new model of leadership for the 21st century. His clients include Accenture, Chevron, Kraft Heinz, Lululemon, Morgan Stanley, The New York Times, SAP, UnitedHealth Group and more. His nonprofit Mentora Foundation is committed to building a principled world by strengthening the moral, mental, and social fibers in their families, organizations, communities, and nations. Hitendra has a MBA and PhD from MIT’s Sloan School and a BA (Honors in Mathematics) from St. Stephen’s College at the University of Delhi. Hitendra has forged a powerful synthesis between the modern scientific studies of human potential with the timeless truths from the world’s mystic traditions. It’s remarkable that in the same voice, in the same book, he can speak about a McKinsey career, a silicon valley startup, and how leaders make tough decisions — and unconditional love, the unshakeable mind and spiritual intuition on the other. He reveals some beautiful and surprising truths about people like Alexander the Great, Elvis Presley, Saddam Hussein, Mother Teresa, Malcolm X and Abraham Lincoln – truths that point the reader to beautiful and surprising truths about their own self.

Dr. Mitra Ray – CEO and Founder of rREST 

When we can tear down enough of these bad codes written in
childhood, then you can be freer to discover your own creativity,
your own genius. It sets you free. With each rREST session you
have, you delete a bad code that you wrote as a child.

Dr. Mitra Ray

Dr. Mitra Ray has a PhD in Cellular Biology from Stanford University and has been an entrepreneur for 28 years. She is a Founder of the Juice Plus Company and helped them to become a billion dollar company. Dr. Ray is also the CEO and Co-Founder of rREST Inc. The rREST certified coaches use the rREST technique to coach entrepreneurs to overcome their challenges by reprogramming subconscious stress patterns from childhood and generational trauma. They reprogram your brain from past trauma to help you move ahead in your business. She is the recipient of many NIH grants and the Young Investigator Award from the Federation of American Societies in Experimental Biology. Her research has been published in such prestigious journals as Science, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and the Journal of Cell Biology. Audiences in 4 continents have enjoyed her award winning books, audios and lectures on health, beauty, brain function and longevity. Her mission and commitment is to educate and inspire people about how plant-based, whole foods create simple, sustainable beauty, mental clarity and vitality.