March 9, 2021 – Cary David Richards, Conscious Leadership Chuck Wisner and Better Habits Chris Wong

March 9, 2021 – Cary David Richards, Conscious Leadership Chuck Wisner and Better Habits Chris Wong

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Cary David Richards – Co-Founder and CEO at

The retail value of a stack (bundle of content) is about
$2500 and we charge $49 per customer. 

Cary Richards is the founder of Infostack is a company that curates collections of premium tools and resources, and makes them available for limited periods of time at extreme discounts. Cary produces these “stacks” in a number of niches and industries, from self-publishing to entrepreneurship to software development to health, fitness, and beyond. Cary had a rocky start when it came to entrepreneurship. For years, he hustled to make an extra income on the side – something that would let him quit his job and work full time on his creative and entrepreneurial pursuits – but with limited success. He stumbled into self-publishing as a potential avenue for this type of career, but after years of struggling to get noticed, he realized his breakthrough wasn’t going to be from writing. That’s when he came across the idea of selling other peoples products instead of his own. And not just as a basic affiliate, but as someone who curates high quality, premium resources and tools, and then sells them together as a collection.

Chuck Wisner – Conscious Leadership Advisor, Coach & Author

It is unbelievable what can happen when
a leader says, “I wonder what…” 

Chuck Wisner is a highly sought-after thinker, coach, and teacher in the areas of organizational strategy, human dynamics and leadership excellence. He spent twenty-five years as a personal and business consultant, and trusted advisor to leaders across industries in high profile companies. Anchored by years of leading-edge research, theoretical development and the practical application of a core set of principles about language, conversation, and power, he has developed a unique approach for helping people gain meaningful insights into themselves, their relationships, and their personal and professional lives. He is currently working as an advisor with leaders and their teams at major technology companies in the United States, other Fortune 200 companies, and non-profit institutions.  His forthcoming book is called Conscious Conversations: Mastering the Art of Collaborating, Creating, and Building Trust with Others – in Business and in Life

Chris Wong – Financial Expert & Consumer Savings Executive, Bank of America

38% of Americans are aiming to save more in 2021.

Chris Wong is the Consumer Savings Executive in the Consumer and Small Business Products group at Bank of America. His responsibilities include growing and managing Bank of America’s portfolio of Savings products. He and his team develop strategies to ensure consumer savings products and services meet the financial needs of our clients. Chris joined Bank of America in 2011 and most recently, was a Senior Vice President in Bank of America’s Deposit Pricing and Service Charge group, where he was responsible for pricing strategy, tactics, and execution for Consumer and Small Business Deposits.