March 8, 2021 – Twitch for Business Amani Roberts and Harness Your Butterflies Ben Preston

March 8, 2021 – Twitch for Business Amani Roberts and Harness Your Butterflies Ben Preston

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Amani Roberts – Chief Musical Curator at The Amani Experience

PCs are much better for streaming than Macs! 

Amani Roberts, aka DJ AmRo. Amani is the host of the popular Amani Experience podcast and an expert on Twitch and live-streaming for business. He’s the perfect guest to cover how businesses can pivot in 2021 to live-streaming to launch new products or services, find new audiences and boost customer loyalty through increased interaction. Like everyone else, DJ AmRo had to learn to pivot HARD when COVID shut down the live events world. Knowing more and more of his target clients were turning to online, Amani quickly built a fanbase using live-streaming apps like Twitch. But what he witnessed was his previous business and corporate clients struggling to shift as everything moved online. How do you continue to connect with new and possibly younger clients or customers who will stick with you longer? The key is live-streaming and podcasting.  Now through his Twitch University, Amani works with business owners on how to use live-streaming and podcasting to their advantage, even if they’ve never ventured into the online space before. Whether it’s a cool product or a service you want to explode, live-streaming and podcasting can translate to more customer loyalty and incoming revenue, if done correctly. Amani Roberts is a professor of entertainment money management at CSU Fullerton, incoming president of Meeting Planners International So Cal for 2021 and author of the book, DJs Mean Business: One Night Behind the Turntables Can Spin Your Company’s Success.

Ben Preston – Author & Career strategist 

To create a career that you love, you need to know what you want
to do, but the most satisfaction comes from playing on your strengths, doubling down on that, and building a career around that. 

Benjamin Preston is a marketer and business strategist with extensive experience in businesses of many different sizes and industries. He has an MBA from the University of North Carolina, and he’s done it all: Launched several businesses, joined the leadership team at a startup, took a job at a billion-dollar communications company, and also worked at a Native American economic development firm. Benjamin now consults with small businesses to develop their strategies and scale their operations across various industries. He’s received an entrepreneurship award from PM360 Magazine and served as a mentor for the PRSSA chapter at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Born in Omaha, Nebraska, Benjamin now lives in Arlington, Virginia. The result of his work is companies with stronger internal teams, less turnover and a more productive, growth-mindset workplace. Ben’s book, Harness Your Butterflies: The Young Professional’s Metamorphosis to an Exciting Career, is the perfect handbook for young career-seekers looking to create their dream career from the start or those pivoting mid-career ready to find their true calling. While his book speaks to the job-seeker, employers who understand how to create a rewarding work experience from the get-go will succeed by becoming the place millennials and Gen Z vie to work.