December 10, 2018 – Impractical Jokers James Murray and Iterate Now Ed Muzio

December 10, 2018 – Impractical Jokers James Murray and Iterate Now Ed Muzio

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James S. Murray – 
TV Star and Executive Producer of Impractical Jokers – Author of Awakened: A Novel

James S. Murray is a writer, executive producer, and actor, but is best known as “Murr” on the cable television show Impractical Jokers along with his comedy troupe, The Tenderloins. He also serves as the Senior Vice-President of Development for NorthSouth Productions and Owner of Impractical Productions. Awakened is his first novel. James joins forces with bestselling author Darren Wearmouth to pen a chilling new horror novel. This thrilling new novel, years in the making, is the launch of a series in the vein of Guillermo Del Toro’s The Strain, set in New York City, in which a beautiful new subway system unearths an ancient dark horror…bent on the city’s utter destruction. As a member of the Tenderloins Comedy Troupe, Murr and his fellow Impractical Jokers have been selling out arenas such as Madison Square Garden and 5 sold out shows at the O2 Arena in London (an accomplishment only a handful of comedians can claim!)—but he’s also an avid reader, and an aficionado of horror and sci-fi.

Ed Muzio – President & CEO of Group Harmonics, Inc. and Author of Iterate: Run a Fast, Flexible, Focused Management Team

Ed Muzio is CEO of Group Harmonics and is an award-winning, three-time author. An expert in the scientific study of measuring and modifying human behavior, he is a sought-after consultant to business and industry worldwide and a popular media source. He mentors, trains, and advises professionals at all levels to improve output, reduce stress, and maybe even enjoy themselves in the process. Ed’s mantra is ”Higher Output, Lower Stress, Sustainable Growth.” He is CEO of Group Harmonics and author of Make Work Great (McGraw-Hill, 2010) and Four Secrets to Liking Your Work (FT Press, 2008). Both books won Awards of Excellence from the International Society for Performance Improvement. He is a leader in the application of analytical models to group and organizational effectiveness and output, including whole-group intervention, simulation, facilitation, and instructional design.