December 12, 2018 – Leadership Hacks Scott Stein, 740 Locations Shannon “The Cannon” Hudson and Capitalism in America Adrian Wooldridge

December 12, 2018 – Leadership Hacks Scott Stein, 740 Locations Shannon “The Cannon” Hudson and Capitalism in America Adrian Wooldridge

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Scott Stein – Author of Leadership Hacks: Clever Shortcuts to Boost Your Impact and Results

Scott Stein has helped thousands of leaders implement fast-track strategies that improve results. He is a leading international speaker and an expert on leadership and influence who helps many of the world’s best-known brands and government agencies to mobilize their leaders and their people. Scott has worked with thousands of leaders around the world helping them to become better leaders by fast-tracking their thinking and their approach with people.  Scott is a highly sought-after international speaker and mentor who has worked with a range of global and Australian businesses. He has a Master’s Degree in Communications and taught Communication and Public Speaking at Central Michigan University. In addition, Scott received the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from the Professional Speakers Association, which recognizes him as one of the top speakers across the globe. Scott is the author of four books, his most recent titled: ‘Leadership Hacks’ that aims to equip leaders with effective and fast track strategies to boost impact and results as a leader. In ‘Leadership Hacks’ Scott identifies possible distractions that could be slowing leaders down and provides an expansive toolkit to help in streamlining delegation skills, fast-tracking productivity and re-routing meetings so that leaders come away with more productive outcomes. Scott also advises individuals and organizations pulling from his Native American heritage and wilderness survival training. Scott’s desire to help others is inherent. As one of the founding board members for the charity Hands Across the Water, assisting children who lost their families in the 2004 tsunami, it is within his nature to support and encourage those who need guidance in finding their path. Congruently, his experience as a practical expert on leadership and influence has helped many of the world’s best-known brands and government agencies to clear the way to improve communication, connection, and results.

Shannon “The Cannon” Hudson – CEO and Founder at 9Round Kickboxing Fitness

Shannon “The Cannon” Hudson, founder, and CEO of 9Round, has had more than 30 years of training in martial arts and is the IKF Light Middleweight Kickboxing Champion of the World. In addition to a 5th degree Black Belt in Japanese Shotokan Karate and a 4th Degree Black belt under the Joe Lewis Fighting System, he also holds a degree from USC Upstate and is a Best-Selling Author. He also started a fitness studio that has exploded across the country. Shannon is now fully involved in the daily operations of the company by bringing constant support to the franchisees and ensuring the best workout experience to 9Round members. Shannon knows a thing or two about what an intense workout kickboxing provides, and he decided 10 years ago that he wanted to create a way to deliver that same intense workout to the masses… without the “getting hit” part. Since opening his very first 9Round studio on a shoestring budget back in 2008, Shannon has led the growth of his kickboxing fitness franchise from that one studio to more than 740 studios across 42 states and in 13 countries and counting. He is also the author of his own book, Zero to 100, in which he details his journey as an entrepreneur who took his dream from 0 to 100 locations at an accelerated rate.

Adrian Wooldridge – Correspondent for The Economist and Author of Capitalism in America: A History

Adrian Wooldridge is a Washington correspondent for The Economist and was its West Coast bureau chief, based in Los Angeles. He is the author of “Measuring the Mind: Education and Psychology in England, 1860–1990.” He has written for The Wall Street Journal, The New Republic, and The Times of London, and has appeared on NPR and the BBC.