September 6, 2017 – Hire Heroes Brian Stann, Prison Effect Alena Chapman and New Accessory Co. Tiffany Castillo

September 6, 2017 – Hire Heroes Brian Stann, Prison Effect Alena Chapman and New Accessory Co. Tiffany Castillo

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Brian Stann – CEO of Hire Heroes USA, UFC Analyst on Fox TV

Brian Stann is Chief Executive Officer of Hire Heroes USA, an organization devoted to helping veterans find work. He is also a decorated Marine and a nationally recognized analyst for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. A Naval Academy football player and graduate, he served two deployments in Iraq and was awarded the Silver Star, the nation’s third highest award for valor for his actions in May 2005. His mixed martial arts career began in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, where he earned black belt certification and was an Instructor Trainer. He began fighting professionally in 2006, and in 2008, he became the World Extreme Cagefighting Light Heavyweight Champion. Today, Brian is a Fox UFC fight analyst and speaker. He took over as President and CEO of Hire Heroes USA  in 2008 and has grown the nonprofit organization to seven offices across the country. Under his leadership, the organization has been recognized as a best-in-class veteran service organization by the USO, Call of Duty Endowment and the George W. Bush Institute.

Brian StannBrian Stann

Alena Chapman – Mentor, Speak and Author of The Prison Effect: Discover How You Are Blocking Your Own Happiness and Break Free to Abundance and Joy in Life

Alena Chapman is a best-selling author, mentor and speaker. She offers one-on-one mentoring, online workshops and meditation training. Alena’s goal is to share the tools that she gained in leaving her own prison behind and opening herself to a fulfilling life. Her book is deeply inspiring and a very helpful tool for anyone feeling stuck in life. It provides the mental support framework required to not only overcome the life’s difficulties, but to come out triumphant at the other end. She will help you develop a much deeper connection to your higher self, with greater confidence and self-esteem, and a new-found enthusiasm and love of life.

Alena ChapmanAlena Chapman

Tiffany Castillo – Creator Director of the Ultimate Cuff

At its core, The Ultimate Cuff believes that fashion and style should not have to be sacrificed for a cost-efficient alternative. While getting ready to attend a wedding, founder and CEO Anne Zacharias knew that her normal Apple Watch® band would not fit in. The designer options cost up to $360, but they still didn’t stand out. The Ultimate Cuff was created to fill that space in the market, to be a line of affordable and stylish jewelry that made a statement. Their cuffs are made out of brass which is then plated with 14k gold, 14k rose gold or silver rhodium, and then each cuff is e-coated to ensure the plating will not wear off. Today along with Creative Director, Tiffany Castillo, the company wants to help women accessorize their favorite smart watch to match their personal style. A cuff for the Fit Bit is coming soon!

the ultimate cuff

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