May 8, 2024 – 10 of 11 Jason Roberts and 360 Degree Consulting w Code Bryan Farris

May 8, 2024 – 10 of 11 Jason Roberts and 360 Degree Consulting w Code Bryan Farris

Jason Roberts – Peak Performance Coach – How 10 of 11 Startups Made $1 Million in Year 1 

Every business uses marketing and promotions to solve a problem that
somebody needs help with. In the franchise world, I love the sports space
and the junk space. The junk space is not sexy at all, but somebody can
get into that business for just over $100,000, and the average unit
volume can do $1.2 million.

Jason Roberts

Jason Roberts is a charismatic National Speaker and Peak Performance Coach who has dedicated his life to studying the formulas for success and implementing these habits to create massive results in a fraction of the time. Despite growing up in a broken household and being a college drop-out, Jason has successfully built 11 of his own companies; 10 of which generated over 1 million dollars in revenue their first year in business. His personal businesses have brought in well over 100 million in revenue and he has helped 10,000’s of people help grow and scale their businesses in industries as diverse as real estate investing, medical practices, insurance, construction companies, medical spas etc. At 21 years old Jason opened his first company, a mortgage company in the spare bedroom of his condo. Within a few years he grew it into the number 1 rural housing lender in the state, close to 100 employees and eventually an 8 figure business. When the real estate bubble collapsed in 2008, Jason lost everything and was forced to declare bankruptcy. Through sheer determination and mindset, Jason was able to reinvent & reestablish himself as a millionaire once again within only 12 short months. He is a world class business and mindset coach whose true expertise lies in scaling any business to 7 and 8 figures within the first year. He has positively impacted & spoken in front of over 20,000 people all over the country. He coaches and consults clients from California to Baltimore on how to grow and scale their businesses through developing the correct mindset and fundamental habits. Jason has successfully hosted 100’s of live & virtual events as well as facilitated masterminds where some of the most brilliant leaders in the industries collaborate to identify market trends and forecast speculations. Jason is passionate about sharing his knowledge of business and the inner workings of the mind with audiences around the world. He believes that extraordinary success can be achieved by anyone who is willing to believe in and invest in themselves.

Bryan Farris – Founder of Goldfish Code

Goldfish is trying to revolutionize the software development agency
space which is become very commoditized with a focus on getting on
the bottom dollar or just pumping out products. What I recognized is
that most development agency shops are not focusing on strategy. We
developed a whole program called 360° Consulting which is really
focused on doing strategy consulting for our clients, looking at what
motivates their users and their social impact. Our entire goal is to
solve business problems.

Bryan Farris

Bryan Farris is an accomplished entrepreneur, full-stack developer, and expert strategist. As the President and CEO of Goldfish he oversees a skilled team that offers a comprehensive array of end-to-end solutions. With a (trademarked) Motivation-Driven Design Process, they are the go-to partner for clients seeking 360 Degree Consulting to launch their products. Bryan is passionate about driving social and environmental impact. He’s a world traveler, having explored 134 countries and territories. When he’s not building products, you’ll find him playing ice hockey, watching the San Jose Sharks or American Football (shoutout to the San Francisco 49ers!), reading or watching the news.